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The Research Strategy sets out Roman pottery sector-driven priorities for the next five years, with a view to informing and influencing all archaeologists particularly those involved in the development of local, regional, and national research programmes, period-Specific Strategies and planning guidance at local authority and national level. The report comprises four Sections: a Resource Assessment of those involved in Roman pottery studies and a Survey of the wider archaeological profession tith regard to Roman pottery studies, a Research Agenda, including updated assessments of the published and unpublished regional and national Roman pottery resource, a Research Strategy and its own bibliographies by region.

The Journal of Roman Pottery Studies is published by Oxbow Books for The Study Group for Roman Pottery. The Journal publishes peer refereed papers on Roman pottery and related subjects. In addition to papers on material from Britain, it increasingly includes studies from across the empire.

Guidelines for the Archiving of Roman Pottery The aim of the Guidelines is to establish common methods of approach and some standardisation of recording.

National Research Framework The Study Group for Roman Pottery regarded it as essential that work within the field of Roman Pottery was well focused upon agreed short and long term objectives which were achievable. This Framework has been replaced by the new Research Strategy above.

The Brian Hartley Archive Collection of Samian Rubbings from UK Excavations These four DVDs reproduced an archive of decorated samian sherd rubbings currently held at the Department of Classics at the University of Leeds, and produced during the long-running Samian study project. The original rubbings were collected principally by Brian Hartley, Brenda Dickinson, Kay Hartley and Felicity Wild from material from UK excavations sent for specialist assessment. The mounting and scanning of the individual images is the work of Robert Hopkins. He has sorted through some 382 folders incorporating over 2300 individual files, some containing only one individual piece, others a far more substantial number. The images have been scanned at 300 dpi grey-scale. 4 DVDs, suitable for PC or MAC but not stand alone DVD players/recorders.

The Gazetteer from "The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain" by Vivien Swan. (External Link). The Study Group for Roman Pottery has initiated this project to digitise the gazetteer with the aim of enhancing this data, undertaken in stages. Stage one, the scanning and digitisation of the microfiche gazetteer and its mapping, is now completed.

Illustrating Samian Ware. Guidelines for the recording, illustration and publication of samian ware, in particular decorated vessels and stamps. It focuses on rubbings as the principal means of illustrating samian, though provides information on other techniques, for example photography and conventional line drawing.