Study Group for Roman Pottery

National Research Framework


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Collated and Edited by Steven Willis - October 1997; selectively revised 2002


1. Introduction

1.1 The need for a Research Framework for Roman pottery study
1.2 The contribution of Roman pottery studies
1.3 The production of Regional Research Frameworks for Roman pottery study and of a national synthesis
1.4 Aims of the Research Framework Document

2. Summary of the Objectives of Roman Pottery Research

3. Required Research Infrastructure

3.1 The importance of an 'up-to-date' research infrastructure
3.2 A national database catalogue of Roman pottery collections
3.3 National and regional fabric and from series
3.4 Scientific analysis
3.5 Methodology
3.6 Professional standards, expertise and training
3.7 Strategic publications assisting efficient pottery work

4. Issues and Research Objectives Relating to Major Site Types

4.1. Background and potential
4.2 Urban sites
4.3 Military sites
4.4 Kiln sites
4.5 Rural sites
4.6 Cemeteries
4.7 'Backlog' sites

5. Issues and Research Objectives Relating to Themes and Specialist Areas in Roman Pottery Study

5.1 Chronology
5.2 Trade, supply and distribution
5.3 Samian
5.4 'Romanization' / Roman and native interaction
5.5 Pottery and the organization of the Roman army
5.6 Functional trends
5.7 Site status
5.8 Spatial patterning and integrated finds studies
5.9 Social and cultural identity
5.10 Ritual sites and ritual practice
5.11 Roman pottery production and other Roman industries
5.12 The end of the Romano-British economy

Appendix 1: Updating Samian corpora by G. Dannell
Appendix 2: Working practices>


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