Study Group for Roman Pottery

National Research Framework: North of Britain


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Edited by Jeremy Evans & Steven Willis on behalf of the SGRP, Northern Regional Group. October 1997; selectively revised 2002


1. Background I: Region and Chronology

2. Background II: Sites Explored

3. Military Sites and Military Supply

3.1 Quantitative study
3.2 Scotland
3.3 Mortaria
3.4 Flavian-Trajanic groups
3.5 Locating pottery deposits
3.6 Gillam's 'Types'
3.7 Deeply stratified sites
3.8 Samian
3.9 Ceramic evidence for the organization of the Roman army
3.10 The role of military markets in developing and sustaining regional pottery industries in southern Britain, north Gaul and the Rhineland
3.11 Long term effects of the presence of the Roman army

4. Sites with a Military Association, Vici, etc.

5. Cemeteries

6. Urban Sites

7. Rural Sites

7.1 Sample bias
7.2 Research questions
7.3 Hinterland projects
7.4 Garton & Wetwang

8. Samian, Other Fine Ware and Mortaria

8.1 Samian
8.2 Mortaria

9. Kiln Sites

9.1 Kiln Detection and wider Roman industries
9.2 Kiln site priorities for publication
9.3 Preservation
9.4 Database version of the microfiche to the RCHME kilns volume (Swan 1984)

10. Regional Type Series

11. Scientific Analysis and Methodology

11.1 Quantification
11.2 Taphonomy
11.3 The integrated study of finds assemblages
11.4 Residue analysis
11.5 Neutron activation analysis
11.6 Collaboration

12. Roman and Native Interaction / 'Romanization'

12.1 Roman and Native interaction
12.2 The continuation of Iron Age pottery traditions through the Roman period

13. Marketing Mechanisms and Supply

14. Other Research Themes

14.1 Structured deposition
14.2 Differences in the distribution of imported pottery in civilian and military areas
14.3 The role of cultural factors in determining pottery distribution

15. Priority Sites for Publication

15.1 Backlog sites
15.2 Priority sites for publication - Northern England
15.3 Priority sites for publication - Scotland
15.4 Priority sites for publication - North Wales


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