Study Group for Roman Pottery

National Research Framework: West of Britain


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Edited by Paul Booth & Steven Willis on behalf of The Study Group for Roman Pottery, Western Regional Group October 1997; selectively revised 2002


1. Introduction

1.1 The background and origin of this Research Framework
1.2 Geographical area
1.3 An absence of existing frameworks
1.4 Recent work and publication

2. Research Infrastructure; Recording and Reporting Standards; Methodology

2.1 Standards
2.2 Project planning
2.3 Site and assemblage formation
2.4 Vessel types and quantification
2.5 Compatibility of reporting on specialist wares
2.6 Regional fabric and form series

3. Research and Publication Priorities: Industries / kilns

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Mancetter-Hartshill
3.3 Severn Valley Ware
3.4 The Malvern industry
3.5 North Wiltshire
3.6 Savernake
3.7 Black-Burnished Ware
3.8 Gabbroic Wares of the South-West Peninsula
3.9 'Caerleon Ware'
3.10 The Oxford Area Industry

4. Major Research Issues: Chronology

4.1 The Iron Age - Roman interface
4.2 The late Roman to early Saxon transition

5. Major Research Issues: Military Pottery

5.1 Broad research questions
5.2 Military Pottery and 'Romanization'
5.3 Wales

6. Major Research Issues: Urban Assemblages

6.1 Urban assemblages and reliable sampling

7. Major Research Issues: Rural Assemblages

7.1 An existing imbalance within fieldwork
7.2 Sampling rural (lower-status) sites
7.3 The context of rural assemblages
7.4 Exploiting information from 'Evaluations'
7.5 Publication priorities

8. Major Research Issues: Trade

8.1 Military and civilian trade
8.2 Distributions of the major regional industries

9. Major Research Issues: Functional Trends

9.1 Functional trends in pottery: questions and research potential

10. Major Research Issues: 'Romanization'

10.1 The potential of pottery evidence

11. Major Research Issues: Site Status

11.1 Potential and objectives

12. Major Research Issues: Social Identity

12.1 Pottery distributions and social identity

13. Priorities for Publication

13.1 Sites with complete or substantially complete pottery reports
13.2 Excavations with important assemblages requiring publication
13.3 Assemblages from relatively recent excavations with important material, publication of which is expected or desirable


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