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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 5 Contents

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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Volume 5

Edited by Rob Perrin


Legio VI and its Men: African Legionaries in Britain 01
    by Vivien G. Swan

Roman Pottery from Exeter 1980-1990 35
    by Neil Holbrook and Paul T. Bidwell with contributions from G. Dannell, B. Dickinson, K Hartley, V. Rigby and D. Williams

Pottery from excavations on the site of the Roman Legionary Museum, Caerleon 1983-5 81
    by J. David Zienkiewicz

Roman Pottery in South-East Wales: An Introduction 111
    by Peter Webster

Review 123
    by Jason Monaghan

Make your Own Index 125
    by Grace Simpson

Roman Pottery Bibliography 127
    edited by R.P. Symonds

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