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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 1, 1986 page 82 Pauline Marney
1   Dix, B & Aird, P, Second Century A.D. Pottery from Sandy, Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire Arch Vol 16, 1983, 2-6.
exc ,wbf/rrs ,cem/100-190 
Approx. three-quarters of the pottery is comprised of reduced, or grey wares, probably local to the area.
Location: Bedford Museum

Dix, B & Woodward, P .J, "The Romano-British pottery", in Taylor, A & Woodward, P J, " Excavations at Roxton, Bedfordshire 1972-1974: The post-Bronze Age settlement", Bedfordshire Arch. Vol 16, 1983, (7-28), 16-20.
exc/rrs cem,fls/40-190
Not much pottery published. Interesting Gallo-Roman clay statuettes of Venus.
Location: Bedford Museum

   Matthews, C L, "A Roman Cemetery at Dunstable, Durocobrivae", Bedfordshire Arch Vol 15, 1981, 1-73.
exc/twn,ptp ,cem,csp/100p400+
The cemetery is largely 3rd/4th and possibly 5th century, the cess-pit material is generally earlier than AD 150. The pottery section is not very detailed: origins are difficult to pinpoint.
Location: At present with the Manshead Arch. Soc. of Dunstable; hoped eventually to go to the Luton Museum.

4   White, R F, "The Bedford Southern Orbital Sewer: a watching brief ", Bedfordshire Arch, J. Vol 14, 1980, 19-24.
exc ,wbf/frm,ptp,cem/100-190
Includes a single updraught pottery kiln of the 2nd century. 70% of the pottery is in one fabric, oxidised and reduced, which is smooth, slightly sandy, with sparse quartz inclusions. The other pottery is not included.
Location: Bedford Museum

Woodward, P J, Excavations at Pear Tree Farm, Elstow, 1976",  Bedfordshire Arch Vol 12, 1977, 27-54.
exc/frm,cem/40-70/usf: includes a drilled cow tibia - are these common? What is their function? Other examples have been found at Milton Keynes and at Odell.
blg/grg/oxf (1 ?piece only)/shg
Not much Romano-British material - mixed with shelly Medieval, Iron Age & Saxon.
Location: Bedford Museum 
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 94 Pauline Marney
402 Pinder, A, with a contribution from A Stirland, 'Excavations at Willington 1984: Iron Age and Roman Periods', Bedfordshire Archaeology 17, 1986, (22-40), 35-40. 
exc/cem,fls + small enclosure/enclosure, cremation: 1st; ditches: late 1st-early 2nd
Many pots have been truncated by ploughings. The remainder are largely lid-seated cooking-pots and wide-mouthed jars. Location: Bedford Museum (?)

403 Pinder, A, 'A Ring Ditch at Radwell Quarry', Bedfordshire Archaeology 17, 1986, (10-14), 13-14.
exc/fls?/no date - possibly 2nd
A very small group. Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 86 Pauline Marney
690 Dawson, M & Slowikowski, A M, 'A Romano-British Cemetery at Warren Farm, Deepdale, Sandy', Bedfordshire Archaeol, Vol 18, 1988, 25-32.
csf,exc/cem/late 1st & 2nd/ggp 

691 Slowikowski, A M, 'Pottery', in Dawson, M, 'Excavations at Ursula Taylor Lower School', Bedfordshire Archaeol, Vol. 18, 1988, (6- 24), 10-18.
exc/frm,fls/late I A to post conquest 1st AD/ggp,typ (extends Bedford's)

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