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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 1, 1986 page 83
6 Allen, D, 'The Roman Cremation Burials from Great Brickhill', Records of Bucks. Vol 21.., 1.979, 29-34.
oth/cem/ 100-140 grg/pph
Three vessels only, plus a few sherds.
location: Buckinghamshire County Museum, Acq. no. 578.79, County site no. CAS 4395

Cauvain, S &: p, 'A Romano-British Site at Mickleford, High Wycombe (Bucks) ', Records of Bucks Vol 22 (Part 4), 1978, 528-534. exc/rrs,cem/l00-140
blg/grg/?l cl
Only a very small excavation in a backgarden; close to a villa (Penn: plead). 3 small sherds of 'colourcoated and samian pottery', & 2 sherds of mortaria, no provenance.
No location given.

Farley, M E, Nash, D & White, R F, 'A late Iron Age and Roman site at Walton Court, Aylesbury', Records of Bucks, Vol 22, 1981, 51-75. 
oth/set,cem/lst-4th/usf: A cockerel brooch1 a turning pin; a scalloped brooch; a (?votive) miniature bronze scythe (Dr M Green)
sts/cts/blg/grg/nvc/ox f/pph
Close to the presumed route of Akeman Street. 'The presence of Roman military metalwork, a votive model scythe, a number of weights and over two hundred Roman coins may suggest that the site had special functions.'  'The material presented is in no sense the product of a controlled excavation, but certain aspects - in particular the Roman military finds - are of sufficient interest to deserve a wider audience than would be gained by consigning them to a museum store.'
Location: Buckinghamshire County Museum (Accession no. 20.1982; Documentation at CAS 2160).

Greep, S, 'The Roman pottery', in Allen, D, 'Salvage excavations at 13-19 Buckingham Street and the Bull's Head Redevelopment site, Aylesbury, in 1979 and 1980', Records of  Bucks Vol 24, 1982, (81-106), 91-94. 
exc/set ,cem/70-400+
Largely late lst-2nd century material, with some late Roman pieces.
Location: Buckinghamshire County Museum

Mynard, 0 C & Woodfield, C, 'A Roman site at Walton, Milton Keynes', Records of Bucks Vol 20 (Part 3), 1977, 351-383. exc/frm,rrs,cem/140-400+/usf; 'Useful range of 3rd - first-half 4th C, pottery'
Three and a third sides are devoted to the excavation report, whilst the rest is a comprehensive list of the pottery and the finds.
Location; Bradwell Abbey Field Centre, Milton Keynes, Bucks.
    11  Petchey, M R, (with a contribution from C Woodfield), A Roman field system at Broughton, Buckinghamshire, Records of Bucks Vol 20 (Part 4), 1978, 637-645.
grg/mca/nvc/nvg/oxf /shg
Small quantity of finds.
Location: Bradwell Abbey Field Centre, Hilton Keynes, Bucks.

Woodfield, C, A Roman military site at Magiovinium?, Records of Bucks Vol 20 (Part 3), 1977, 384-399. 
wbf /mi1 ,cem/40-70
sts/cts/blg/grg(or black)/mca/pph/shg/vrr/unm/lnm/occ
'ln view of the importance of the possible implications of the site and the scarcity of published pottery from Magiovinium virtually all illustrable pottery has been drawn'. 110 sherds + samian.
Location: County Museum, Aylesbury

Woods, P, Turland, R I Hastings, S, A Romano-British pottery at Biddiesden, Buckinghamshire', in Anderson, A C & A S (eds.),  
Roman Pottery Research in  Britain and N W Europe B.A.R. International Series 123 (ii), Oxford, 1981, 369-395.
exc (Rescue) /ptp/70-140/ggp
pph (copies) /shg/lcl
A selection of pottery made in the Upper Nene Valley,  interesting for comparison with material from the Lower Nene Valley; the site is on the Northants/Bucks border.
Location: 7 Contact Roy Turland. Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 95 Pauline Marney
406 Carstairs, P. 'Iron Age Occupation at Long Crendon', Records of Buckinghamshire 26, 1984, (92-101), 95-101.
exc/rrs/late Iron Age & throughout the Roman period cts/owc/orc/pph/gro/gry/wht/osd
Unstratified, therefore no detailed analysis.
Location: Mrs Parker-Smith

407 Cauvain, P & S, 'The Coarse Pottery', in Chess Valley Arch. & Hist. Soc., 'A Report on Excavations at Bury Farm, Amersham', Records of Buckinghamshire 27, 1985, (119-128), 124-126.
exc/rrs?/mid 2nd - mid 3rd
The pot descriptions are extremely basic with no attempt to place their origins. It is, however, very straightforward.
Location: County Museum, Aylesbury

408 Dunnett, R, 'Excavations near Mount Wood, Chenies', Records of Buckinghamshire 27, 1985, (107-118), 110-1 15. 
exc,flw/com-drying oven, small pits and an infant burial/largely 2nd-3rd, with some residual 1st, 'Belgic' types, and some 4th
Largely unstratified pottery.
Location: County Museum, Aylesbury

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