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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2, 1989 page 108 R P Symonds 
Fulford, M G (with contributions by J Bird, G Dannell, D P S Peacock & J Timby), 'The Roman Pottery', in Silchester Defences 1974-80, Gloucester, 1984, 122-195. exc/mjc,wltlpre-Flavian-4th/ggp amp/arr/sts/cts/mvs/alh/bbl/occ/grg/gro/Ind/mca/nvc/nvc/nfc/ ngp/oxm/orc/osd/ppr/pph/rhn/rgh/tng/trb/sft/ofg/kww 
A substantial and very detailed report on a wide range of pottery. Broken into five main chronological groups, each of which is further subdivided according to individual sites. This approach deprives the report of a type series, and the evolution of particular types is therefore difficult to follow, but it does give a clear impression of the range of material present at any given period. Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 pages 94-95
Sarah Green
404 Ford, S. 'The Pottery', in 'Linear earthworks on the Berkshire Downs', Berkshire Arch. Journal 71, 1981-82, (1-30), 6-11.
exc,flw,col/fls/mid 1st - 3rd-4th
The value of this collection of pottery is probably in the dating it provides for the Berkshire Grim's Ditch and other linear earthworks Much of the evidence is in fiche with only the more diagnostic sherds illustrated. Location: Newbury

405 Hawkes, J, 'Roman Coarse Pottery', in Johnstone, J & Bowden, M, Berkshire Arch. Journal 72, 1983-85, (17-52), 41-45.
A very little samian (by Joanna Bird) mainly Antonine. The assemblage suggests a low economic status, but it is noted that bad preservation may have contributed towards this impression. A fabric series is presented in the text but illustrations are on fiche only. Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1990 page 130

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