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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 1, 1986 page 84
Paul Bidwell
17 Carlyon, P M, 'Some second century A.D. finds from Widemouth Bay', Cornish Archaeology 20, 1981, 224-226. 

Carlyon, P M, 'A Romano-British site at Kilhallon, Tywardreath; excavation In 1975', in Cornish Archaeology  21, 1982, (155-170), 158-162.
exc/set/ l00-300(approx. ) ?/?/?  

Saunders, A & Harris, D, 'The pottery' in 'Excavation at Castle Gotha', Cornish Archaeology 21, 1982 (109-153), 132-143.
exc/set/0-250(y, approx )?/?/?
 sts/cts/bbl /mro/amp/gbr Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 95
Paul Bidwell
410 Bidwell, P T, Carlyon, P M, Dickinson, B M, Greene, K T &: parker, A J, 'The Pottery', in Canyon, P M, 'Finds from the Earthwork at Carvossa, Probus', Cornish Arch. 26, 1987, (103-141), 107- 121.
exc/rrs/Neronian - later 2nd with some later/usf
amp/ass/arr?/sts/mvs/cts/ets/ccc/clc?/nvc/orc/rgh/bbl/grg/gbm/ ktm?/lgm?/nfm?/oxm/vrm/mro/hft/mf/gbr
Pottery from what appears to have been a native site, unusually rich in imports and Romano-British pottery not in the native tradition. This perhaps suggests the presence of a Roman fort or official post nearby.
Location: County Museum, Truro

411 Quinnell, H, 'Cornwall during the Iron Age and the Roman
period', Cornish Arch. 25, 1986, 111-134.
Page 129: a brief but useful consideration of Romano-British native pottery in Cornwall.

412 Quinnell, H, 'Comish Gabbroic Pottery: the Development of
a Hypothesis', Cornish Arch. 26, 1987, 7-12.
Considers gabbroic pottery in prehistoric and Roman periods and problems in locating production sites.

413 Smith, G H, 'The Lizard Project, Landscape Survey, 1978-83', Cornish Arch. 26, 1987, 13-68.
Finds from fieldwalking which include gabbroic ware, not all sherds of which are necessarily of the Romano-British period.
Location: County Museum, Truro
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 11, 2004 page 133

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