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424 Makepeace, G A, 'The Pottery', in 'The Romano-British Settlement at Staden near Buxton', Derbyshire Arch. Journal
107, 1987 (1988), (24-34), 24, 29-30 & 32-33.
A very small collection. 5 illustrations from 1983. Also notes on the 1926 excavations, including 5illustrations. (Second season: see also entry no. 423).

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 88
Richard Pollard
707 Anderson, A (AA), with G B Dannell (GBD), P Ellis (PE), K Greene (KG) & K F Hartley (KFH), 'The Pottery', in Ellis, P. 'Roman Chesterfield: Excavations by T Courtney 1974-78', Derbyshire Archaeol J, Vol. 109, 1989 (publ. 1990), (51-130), 94-119. 
Includes 'Samian', by GBD, 95-8; 'Fine wares, non-samian', by AA, 99-100; 'Mortaria', by KFH, 101-2; 'Amphorae', by AA, 102-3; 'Coarse wares', by AA & PE, 103-118; 'Catalogue', by AA, KG & KFH, 108-118; & 'Discussion', by AA &: pE, 118-9.
exc/mil/lst-mid 2nd/usf,seq,typ (of fabrics)
amp/ait (Dr 38)/asg/ass/sts/mvs/cts/ccc/kww/lyc/pff/rgh/occ
('N.G. fabric 2')/mca/cgg/glz (S.E.England & Little Chester)/
tng (pre AD 80, ?Rhineland)/nri/crb/bbl/grf/grc//gry/lcg/rst/tvs/
gbm/ktm/lcm/lom/mhm/mdm/ngm/swern (Gloucester)/vrm/mro
(West Midlands)/buf/hft/mf/red/wht/lox/wsx/drb/drc/gft/lcl/ trt/tsg (early Lezoux TS)(gbm, ktm & ngm are all Hartley's Groups I &: II).
The mortarium report is to KFH's usual standard. The amphora report is confusing in that it seemingly fails to take account of the stamps, except to note them: the readings appear to be derived from Callendar 1965.
According to the Introduction by P Ellis (54-5), the coarse and samian pottery reports were prepared between 1977 and 1978; "no pottery type-fabric series, and only a small proportion of the illustrated pottery could be located. The pottery illustrations have been adapted from the original drawings prepared for publication in 1979". The introduction to the pottery reports, by A Anderson &: p Ellis (94-5) indicates that the "report on the Romano-British pottery by Anne Anderson was completed in 1981, with limited revision in 1988-9 with assistance from Ruth Leary".
The report covers more than 10,600 sherds (172 kg+), but the quantification is partial, unsatisfactory, and available only in the archive, with the exception of the general fabric tables. There are 102 pottery illustrations, plus 3 stamps and 1 graffito. The graffiti (2 in all) are not read, merely illustrated (nos 6 & 106). 51 pieces of samian are described, but none are illustrated.
Location: Buxton Museum & Art Gallery
    708 Makepeace, G A, 'The Finds', in 'The Romano-British settlement at Staden near Buxton: the 1984 and l985/6 excavations', Derbyshire Archaeol J, Vol 109, 1989 (publ 1990), (17-33), 25-29.
exc/rrs/late 1st-2nd
bbl/gry/rst (grey)mro/buf/osd/drb
Not very useful report. The scale of reduction is erratic. Consists mainly of Derbyshire ware (28 pieces illustrated) and BB1. A total of 42 illustrations, mostly just rim sections. There is no quantification, and no sources are suggested for the mortaria. See also entry nos 423 & 424 in JRPS Vol. 3.
Location: not stated, but possibly Buxton Museum & Art Gallery Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 page 130

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