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240 Symonds, R P & Cunningham, C M, 'Descriptions of complete or nearly complete buried pots', Appendix 8, in Crummy, P. Excavations at Lion Walk, Balkerne Lane and Middleborough, Colchester, Essex, Colchester Arch. Report Vol 3, 1984, microfiche supplement 307-318. E
exc/mjc,wlt/early lst-3rd/typ (part of)
Roman pottery, 307-315: a catalogue of vessels with illustrations - part of a (much larger) type series to be published in a future Roman pottery volume in the CAR series.
Location: Colchester Archaeological Trust (but ultimately destined for Colchester & Essex Museum

Wickenden, N P, 'Late Roman pottery', in Drury, P & Wickenden, N, 'An Early Saxon Settlement within the Romano-British Small Town at Heybridge, Essex', Medieval Archaeology Vol 26, 1982, (1-40), 20-25.
exc/twn,set (Saxon)/first half of 5th (plus 3rd pottery)/usf 
had/lcg (Rettendon)/nvc (thick white late type)/oxm/orc/lsh
Statistical evidence is used to indicate possible contemporary early Saxon use of late Roman fine wares in the first half of the 5th century. A nearby cemetery contained both late Roman and early Saxon burials. These associations may be taken as significant for this transitional period and from this arises the suggestion by Drury that 'Saxon settlers were involved either economically or militarily in the life of the late Roman town'.
Location: not given Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 pages 96/8 Colin Wallace
Contributor's Notes:
(i) In each volume of the county journal,  Essex Archaeol. Hist., since Vol 8 (1977), there appears an article entitled 'Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 19..'. Despite the title, this is not a collection of ephemera but a gathering of short site reports, watching briefs, stray finds and material submitted to the Section for report, along with more substantial contributions - in short, almost a mini-journal in itself. This contribution does not include all the material on Roman pottery from these articles, only the major entries.

(ii) Since the 1982 closing-date for entry in the gazetteer of The Pottery Kilns of Roman Britain, Swan 1984, seven of the Essex kilns listed therein have achieved full or interim publication, as follows:
Chelmsford 3: 'Roman Pottery Bibliography', JRPS 2, entry no. 364. Colchester 14: 'Roman Pottery Bibliography', JRPS 2, entry no. 239. Heybridge: 'Roman Pottery Bibliography', this volume, entry no.444. Kelvedon 1: 'Roman Pottery Bibliography', this volume, entry no. 431. Messing corn Inworth: 'Roman Pottery Bibliography', JRPS 2, entry no.364. Thurrock: 'Roman Pottery Bibliography', JRPS 2, entry no. 233. (Witham: 'Roman Pottery Bibliography', this volume, entry no. 443).
In addition, entry no. 431 (this volume) includes a photograph of Kelvedon 2.
    427 Brasier, MD, 'Excavation at 147 Lexden Road, Colchester', Essex Archaeol. His:. 16, 1984-85 (1986), 145-149.
exc/unk/mid 1st
Identifications not certain for all of the above fabrics, as the author provides only a list of Camulodunum forms with no fabric details.
Location: not given (?private possession)

428 Buik, K, with a contribution by C Going, 'The Coarse Wares', in Hope, J H, 'Excavation in Cressing Churchyard 1979', Essex Journal 18, 1983, (J2-95), 83-86 & 91-95.
exc/rrs/mid-late 1st
sts/tng or trb/nri/grc/grg/gro/esh/brn/mro/wht/osd 
A rather spartan report.
Location: not given

429 Drury, P 1, with contributions by W I Rodwell &: p Arthur, 'Prehistoric and Roman material other than flint' in Bassett, S R, Saffron Walden: excavations and research 1972-80, CBA Research Report 45, 1982, 45-48.
exc,syn/rrs,?cem/lst - 4th
A more detailed catalogue of the excavated finds is on microfiche. The report includes the re-publication of Roman grave-goods from a largely Saxon cemetery. One of these is a unique cutaway flanged bowl, lead-glazed.
Location: Saffron Walden museum

430 Rigby, V, with a contribution by I C Freestone, 'The pottery', in Foster, I, 'The Lexden Tumulus: A re-appraisal of an Iron Age burial from Colchester, Essex', BAR. 156, Oxford, 1986, 110-123.
exc,col/cem/cl5 BC - 10 BC (for burial) 
A new catalogue of the 1924 finds, which attempts to distinguish the original grave-goods (grog-tempered butt-beaker and bowl, and probably also a Central Gaulish mica-gilt jar). Previously published in Archaeologia 76 (1927) by Layer. See also entry no. 447.
Location: Colchester & Essex Museum

431 Rodwell, K A, with contributions by V Rigby, K F Hartley, W Rodwell, D F Williams, & M W C Hassall, 'The pottery', in The Prehistoric and Roman settlement at Kelvedon, Essex, CBA Research Report 63, 1987, 100-129.
exc,col/?mil,cem,twn,kln/second half 1st BC - 4th AD/ggp,usf
amp (Dr 1B)/arh/ass/sts/cts/cls/clc/nvc/orc/rgh/mca/cgg/glz/
Published by period and significant groups - quite full printed text supplemented by microfiche catalogue of rest of illustrated pottery. Fabric types series given for Iron Age coarse wares. Note a fine IA stamp-decorated vessel (previously published in Britannia 4) and that not everyone is convinced by the arguments for the military phase (see entry no. 436).
Location: Colchester & Essex Museum

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