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432 Rodwell, W I, 'The Terra Sigillata', and 'The Coarse Pottery', in Drury, P 1, Rodwell, W I & Wickenden, N P, 'Finds from the Probable Site of a Roman Villa at Dawes Heath, Thundersley, Essex', Essex Archaeol. His:. 13, 1981 (1982), (66-68), 66- 68.
flw/vil?/lst - 4th/usf
Detail only for the samian. Includes a possible 'smith's vase', a vessel with 'Romano-Saxon' decoration, and a Mayen ware jar - the rest is summarised. Adds 5 finds of Mayan ware in Essex to Fulford & Bird's list (Britannia 6, 1975).
Location: private possession

433 Rodwell, W I, 'The Pottery and its Implications', in Buckley, D G, Hedges, I D &: priddy, D, 'Excavations at Woodham Walter and an assessment of Essex enclosures', East Anglian Archaeol. 33, 1987, 20-39.
exc/rrs/cmid-lst BC - mid-1st AD, & a small amount
later/usf/ass/sts/clc/trb/nri/grc/gro/gry/ret/s x s/clm/
Settlement site abandoned cAD 40-60 and given over to agriculture for the rest of the Roman period. The unusually large deposit of pottery in the latest pm-Roman Iron Age ditch may be evidence of a rite of termination.
Location: Chelmsford & Essex Museum

434 Rodwell, W I, 'The samian', in entry no. 431, 92-100.
exc,col/?mil,cem,twn/pre-Flavian - Antonine ( stamped
Arretine platter)!
The (detailed) printed text is supplemented by a catalogue of the decorated samian on microfiche. Of note are fragments of decorated and plain early Lezoux ware, alas not in useful contexts. See Rodwell in Wickenden (entry no. 444) for a more recent comment on the paucity of East Gaulish samian at Kelvedon (more abundant on coastal sites than inland). 
Location: Colchester & Essex Museum

435 Turner, C, 'The Pottery' (from Beauchamps Farm, Wickford), in Eddy, M R, ed., 'Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1979', Essex Arch. & Hist. 12, 1980 (1981), (51-85), 65-67.
sir/twn/late 1st - late 3rd
Only some eleven sherds published, the rest recorded (Level III) in Essex SMR. Descriptions rather vague and no detail provided on the nature of the site.
Location: not given

436 Turner, C, 'Pottery', in Eddy, M R, Kelvedon: The Origins and Development of A Roman Small Town, Essex County Council Occasional Paper 3, 1982, 26-31.
exc,syn/twn/mid-lst BC - cAD 70/usf
In a detailed interim report on the late 1970's excavations, Turner discusses a range of pm- and post-conquest imports (from Dr lB amphorae to Central Gaulish glazed ware). Note that the figure reference should be '12' throughout, not '14'. See also fig. 9 for a range of late Iron Age grog-tempered forms.
Location: E.C.C. Archaeology Store, Chelmsford
    437 Turner, C, 'Hospital Lane, ColchesterTL988249', in Priddy,
D, ed., 'Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1981', Essex Archaeol. Hist. 14, 1982 (1983), (111-132), 124- 125.
Four complete (and one almost-complete) vessels said to have been found in the area of Colchester's West Cemetery.
Location: private possession

438 Turner, C, with contributions by R Turner & H J Major, 'Layer-dc- la-Haye, Malting Barn, TL97921953', in Priddy, D, ed., 'Woth of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section, 1982', Essex Archaeol. His!. 15, 1983 (1984), (1 19-155), 129-134.
Pottery from two ditch segments at the southern end of the Camulodunum dyke system. Exact nature of site unknown. 
Location: private possession

439 Turner, C, 'The Pottery', in Bedwin, 0, 'Excavations at Mount House, Braintree 1984', Essex Archaeol. Hist. 16, 1984-5 (1986), (28-39), 37-38.
exc/rdd/mid 2nd-mid 3rd
Pottery summarised in broad fabric groups and dating evidence given for key contexts. The excavation examined a supposed component of Braintree's late LA. oppidum, discovered to be modern. Ascriptions not always clear (hence the abundant '?' above).
Location: ECC store, Chelmsford (temporarily)

440 Turner, C, 'Pre-Roman and Roman Pottery (from Toft's Garage)', in Milton, B H, 'Excavations in Braintree 1980 and 1984', Essex Archaeol. His!. 17, 1986 (1987), (82-95),87.
exc/twn/3rd-4th, some residual 
Roman features from small-scale excavations to the east of the supposed centre of the small town. Poor presentation of the pottery - a potentially useful third/fourth century pit treated very superficially. Possible waster sherd illustrated. Location: 
ECC store, Chelmsford (temporarily)

441 Turner, C, 'Pottery (from Sandpit Road)', in Milton, B H, 'Excavations in Braintree 1980 and 1984', Essex Archaeol. Hist. 17, 1986 (1987), (82-95), 93.
exc/twn/3rd-4th, plus residual 
A trial excavation, aimed at evaluating the survival of Roman levels, which uncovered two substantial pits. As with Toft's garage (previous entry), the opportunity to present these groups fully was not taken.
Location: ECC store, Chelmsford (temporarily)

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