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442 Turner, C, 'Woodharn Walter, Warren Golf Course', in Priddy, D, ad., 'Work of the Essex County Council Archaeology Section 1985', Essex Archaeol. His:. 17, 1986 (1987), (141-155), 143-144.
A near-complete jar and fragments of around 20 other vessels, recovered from a sand quarry. Some from a number of small pits, but the nature of the site is uncertain - no trace of cremated bone.
Location: private possession

443 Turner, R, Ivy Chimneys, Witham: an Interim Report, Essex County Council Occasional Paper 2, 1982.
exc/kln,rur,rel/early 4th (from archaeomagnetism)
See page 12 & figs. 8 & 9 for an account of a kiln in a 'religious complex' off the Colchester - London road. The products comprise jars, bead-rim dishes, bowls and beakers. Location: Chelmsford & Essex Museum

444 Wickenden, N P (with contributions by W Rodwell, B A
Ford, K F Hartley & C J Going), 'The Roman Pottery', in
'Prehistoric Settlement and the Romano-British 'small town'
at Heybridge, Essex', Essex Archaeol Hist. 17, 1986(1987),
(7-68), 35-52,and microfiche.
exc/ptp,twn/mid lst-4th/ggp,usf
osc/hax/haw/ wcs/osd/alh?/lnd/mek/ppr/stv/vrf
This report uses the fabric and foam type series established  at Chelmsford (Going 1987, entry 364 in Vol. 2), with five additional fabrics. The dating evidence for each phase is given in the report text, here the pottery is catalogued by period and phase (presented under fabric numbers, in bold type).
Of particular interest is the material from Period V.1 (cAD225/250-300) which includes four pit groups containing the products of an unlocated grey ware kiln. See also entry 241 in Vol.2 for the latest Roman material.
Location: Colchester & Essex Museum

Wickenden, N P (with contributions by P M Kenrick & W I Rodwell), 'An Archaeological Gazetteer of Heybridge', in 'Prehistoric Settlement and the Romano-British 'small town' at Heybridge, Essex' ,Essex Archaeol. Hist. 17, 1986(1987), (7-68), 53-61.
col,csf,slr/cem,twn/mid 1st BC-4th/usf
Compiled in order "to place the excavations in their proper context within the Iron Age and Roman settlement". 
Locations: Chelmsford & Essex Museum; Colchester & Essex Museum: passmore Edwards Museum

446 Wickenden, N & Going, C, 'Little Waltham, 2 Roman
Road', Essex Archaeol. Hid. 16, 1984-5 (1986), 143-144.
csf/mr,cem/first half of 2nd
A note on six vessels, including three definitely in a cremation group, from a site which had previously produced cemetery finds.
Location: private possession
    447 Williams, D F, 'The amphorae', in Foster, I, 'The Lexden Tumulus: A re-appraisal of an Iron Age burial from Colchester, Essex', BAR. 156, Oxford, 1986, 124-132.
exc,col/cem/cl5BC-1OBC (for burial)
Six Dr. lB and about a dozen Dr. 2-4, all Italian amphorae. None complete and large pieces missing - smashing during burial ritual? See also entry no. 430. Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 pages 90

Colin Wallace, (*) JR Perrin, & (+) Colin Wallace & JR Perrin
726 Cheer, P, 'The Pottery', & Going, C J, 'A brief discussion of the Romano-British pottery assemblage', in Smoothy, M D, 'A Roman rural site at Rayne, Essex: Excavations 1987', Essex Archaeol Hist, Vol. 20, 1989, (1-29), 14-18.
exc/rur/late 1 st-early 4th
An excellent discussion by Going, but the first author's account of the dating evidence is a bit vague (and why does he dislike BB2 so much?). More importantly, why did the excavator publish two varying assessments of the dating evidence? The total assemblage is quantified by EVEs.
Location: Braintree Museum

727 Clark, F R, 'Piggott's Farm Iron Age settlement', in Clark, F
R, (ed), Exploration and Discovery in South-West Essex. A series of reports on excavations carried out by the West Essex Archaeological Group, 1990, (42-52), 50-52.
A small amount of Roman and earlier pottery from the excavation of a cropmark site. A fairly vague report.
Location: Passmore Edwards Museum

728 Clark, F R (and P M Wilkinson), 'The Search for the Roman settlement at Havering', in Clark, F R, (ed), Exploration and Discovery in South-West Essex. A series of reports on excavations carried out by the West Essex Archaeological Group, 1990, (53- 65), 56-65.
exc/rur,unk/lst-4th (mostly the latter)
Small-scale excavations following-up fieldwalking finds. "The intention of this report is to demonstrate the general range of ceramic artefacts from the site rather than to provide detailed evidence for the dating of specific features" (p56). This would seem redundant in view of the more extensive work undertaken by the Passmore Edwards Museum. It is often not clear exactly what some of these pieces are (e.g. the 'arretine' of fig 19.86).
Location: Passmore Edwards Museum

  729 Clark, F R, 'The Lost Roman Villa in Wanstead Park', in
Clark, F R, (ed), Exploration and Discovery in South-West Essex. A series of reports on excavations carried out by the West Essex Archaeological Group, 1990, (66-85), 72-83.
exc/rur,unk/largely later Roman 
An exceedingly vague report, even by comparison with entry no. 728, hence the very few fabrics isolated above. The text of the report seems to indicate that a pit-group is lost somewhere among the pages of the pottery drawings.
Location: Passmore Edwards Museum

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