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12 Aveyron continued:
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 11, 2004 page 148
1437  Vernhet, A, 'Signatures de decorateurs decouvertes à la Graufesenque', Annales de Pegasus, 1990-91, 53-6
syn/ptp/lst-early 2nd
A list of all 'signatures' found on poinçons, moulds and decorated bowls. In this case the word 'signature' applies to either hand-written or stamped names but the list is designed to show those who actually originated designs so these are names found in such a place as to belong to the decorator and not simply to someone using a mould at some later date. Some links between decorators and mould-users are also established where the stamps of both are found on a single bowl.
1438 Vernhet, A, Bemont, C, 'Un nouveau compte de potiers de La Graufesenque portant mention de flamines', Annales de Pegasus, 1990-91, 12-14
A further 'tally list' to add to those published by Marichal in 1988 (see JRPS 4, entry 987). Like other complete lists, the number of vessels being fired at any one time is high (30,355 vessels) and could be higher if Rien Polak is right in suggesting that the potter whose name appears on the plate used for the list - in this case Rufus - did not list his own contributions to the kiln load (work forthcoming). The list mentions a flamen and also gives a partial date (16 July) confirming the summer firing season for samian assumed by most writers.    

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