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14 Calvados :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 114
597  Blaszkiewicz, P, David, P. Jigan, C & Marin, J-Y, 'Quelques données nouvelles sur la nécropole gab-romaine du Grand- Jardin à Lisieux (Calvados): La collection Delaporte du Musée de Lille', Revue Arch. Ouest 3, 1986, 119-134.
A short paper publishing pottery and glass from a 19th century collection, with the aim of putting the material into a modern perspective on Roman pottery found in Lower Normandy. It is not a large amount of material, however, and it will probably be more important for its coarse wares than for the imports: had it been written only a year or so later, its writers would have been unlikely to have attributed the roughcast, cornice-rimmed beakers to Compiègne, as their own more recent research has shown evidence both of local production and of importation otherwise almost exclusively from the Argonne.
Location: Muséc des Beaux-Arts, Lille

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 117
615 Dufournier, D & Mann, J-Y, 'Une production d'amphores du IIe siècle dans le Calvados', Société Francaise d'Etude de La Céramique Antique en Gaule, Actes du Congrès de Caen, 28-31 ,mai, 1987, 1987, 23-27.
A short paper on 'furrowed-rimmed' amphorae (Peacock & Williams Class 55) probably made in the region of Calvados, Lower Normandy. In a triangle formed by the towns of Bayeux, Falaise and Lisieux, these are almost omnipresent on Roman sites. Chemical analyses show four chemically distinct groups, although one in particular accounts for 80% of the 46 samples analysed. There is some possibility of a link between this local amphora production and wine production in the same region.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 120
641  Jigan, C & Marin, J-Y, 'Inventaire des sites de production de céramique gab-romaine découverts en Normandie', Annales de Normandie, 37e Anne, no. 4, Oct. 1987, 317-337.
A listing of known pottery production centres in Normandy, with a location map, descriptions of what was found, and a small number of illustrations of the main vessel-types for four centres: Saint-Martin d'Aubigny (Manche); Lisieux (Calvados); Alençon (Orne); and Harfleur (Seine-Maritime). The illustrated pottery includes rouletted beakers, but is otherwise of relatively local interest. Includes a useful bibliography.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 107
949  Blaszkiewicz, P. 'Réactualisation de la Black-Burnished ware 1 (BB1) et son implication sur les courants commerciaux transmanche au Bas-Empire', SFECAG, Actes du Congrés
1988, 209-214.
    A brief study of the distribution of BB1 in Normandie. The dating evidence suggests that it is occurring mainly from the 4th century onwards. There is no BB2, and some pieces handled at Caen by this contributor seem more likely to be products of Alice Holt/Farnham or the New Forest, and this might include nos. 5 and 6 on fig 2 in this paper, although the rest of the material is obviously genuine BB1. This material is surely an illustration of the fact that Normandie and Brittany, along with Britain, do not seem to have suffered the same sort of economic decline in the 4th and early 5th centuries as the rest of Gaul, and one must wonder if this might have been due, at least in part, to the role of continued cross-Channel trade involving these regions.
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