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17 Charente-Maritime continued:
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 page 155
1245  Vernou, C, Mitard, P-H & Tilhard, J-L, 'Sigillées tardives à Saintes', SFECAG, Actes du Congrès de Cognac, 1991, 105-112.
This is a brief sequel to the major section on Italian and early Gaulish samian by Tilhard in the "Ma Maison" report (JRPS 4, entry no. 1012). This paper begins with a brief summary of the early importation of samian to Saintes, and then discusses the evidence for later material. The salient fact about 1st century samian ware at Saintes and elsewhere in Aquitaine is the predominance of Montans over the other South Gaulish industries; this predominance probably continues through until the second half of the 2nd century, by which time the competition is represented by Lezoux and other Central Gaulish production centres. Relatively few late assemblages have been recently excavated, and Saintes appears to have greatly diminished in importance in the 4th century, but the 3rd century material illustrated here is entirely Central Gaulish, probably from Lezoux. The forms include Curie 23, Walters 79, Déchelette 72 and Drag. 45. There is also a single sherd of an Argonne roller-stamped Drag. 37, dated 7340-375.      

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