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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 107
950  Blaszkiewicz, P. Bucur, I, Cliquet, D, David, P & Dufournier, D, 'Un atelier de potiers du lie siécle dans la Forét d'Evreux', Revue Archéol Quest, T. 5. 1988, 79-95.
This is the publication of a pottery production site in eastern Normandie, first recognised as such in 1833 and investigated archaeologically between 1957 and 1961. The main products of interest, and which dominate this short report, are the mortaria, which include a total of 49 illustrated stamps. Most are thought to be local, although unfortunately in the appendix devoted to the stamps the imported pieces, which include a range of 1st century vessels by Q Valerius Veranius, etc, are not separated. Chemical analyses were undertaken, but they do not appear to have been used to distinguish the local from imported pieces, but rather to characterise, in general terms, the local composition (only a dozen mortaria were involved, along with nine flagons and a tripod bowl). It is, however, evident from Tableau 1 that six potters, IANUARIS, C.I.C, PAPA FECIT, PIXTITAL (US), CRESCENTIUS and MARCELLINUS are considered to be local, and they collectively appear to have accounted for a total of 121 stamps in the body of the material. There are also some flagons and flagons/amphorae illustrated, along with a tripod bowl and four sherds with ?painted decoration. The writers seem to have been limited by the non-availability of some of the material excavated in the 1957-61 work, which is unfortunate, since 121 stamps (plus some intruders) must surely represent a production centre of some importance.    
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