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37 Indre-et-Loire :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 123
667 Schweitz, D, Toulier, C & B, Ferdière, A, Fehrnbach, X & Blanc, P-M, 'L'atelier de potier de Mougon (Crouzilles, Indre-et- Loire)', Revue Arch. du Centre Tome 25, Vol 1, 1986, 37-77.
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Résumé (translation RPS): "Excavations in 1979 at the Paviers factory... occasioned new archaeological discoveries on the potter's manufacture at "Mougon". In addition to several observations which gave a better idea of the site topography, the principal find was a potter's kiln, dated to the middle of the first century, AD, which produced coarse wares and amphorae (Dressel 2-4 and Gauloise 4): the evidence of this production brings to light the question of viticulture in Touraine. Appendices give archaeomagnetic dating of the kiln, petrological and chemical characterization of ceramic production, and palynological (geological) analysis".
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