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49 Maine-de-Loire :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 116
1007  Siraudeau, J, Amphores romaines des sites angevins, et leurs contexte archfélogique. Corpus des amphora découvertes dans l' ouest de la France Volume 2, Edition et diffusion Jean Siraudeau, 1988. exc ,col,syn/wlt/l st-3rd+/usf
amp/aga (Mougon, Thésee-Pouillé)/ait (Dr 1, Dr 7-ll)/ana ('Punic')/arh/asg (G4, G5)/ass (Dr 20, Haltern 70/cta
This corpus of amphorae from the city of Angers follows the first corpus published by P Galliou (Corpus des amphores découvertes dans l' ouest de la France, Vol. 1. Les amphores tardo-républicaines, Archéologie en Bretagne, supplément no. 4, 1982). The amphorae in this report are both from excavations in the city from 1964-82 and from various collections. More than 160 amphorae are illustrated, and there are also numerous stamps, graffiti, dipinti and amphora 'stoppers'. The range of amphorae present is quite typical of urban sites in north-western Europe, although there are apparently no examples of 'London 555'/Haltern 70 similis (see above, entry no. 818). There is detailed quantification by sherd-count, and an appendix devoted to contents, capacity and epigraphy. Undoubtedly a competent and useful report, it is only marred by the arrangement of the illustrations, which is by site/context, rather than by amphora-type: since none of the other finds from the sites are discussed, and only a few amphorae were found at each site/context, the result is an arrangement which looks completely random. A type series, with references to the sites, would have been much more user-friendly.    
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