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57 Moselle :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 113
587 Alexandre-Baudoux, J, 'Nouvelles données sur les importations en Gaule du nord.est: les amphores gauloises de la villa de Saint-Ulrich (Moselle)', Revue Arch. de l'Est et du Cent re-Est Tome XXXVIII, fasc. 1-2, Mélanges offerts a Marcel Lutz, 1987, 85-91.
A brief paper on Gaulish amphorae (Gauloise 4/5: peacock & Williams Class 27-31) found at the large villa of St Ulrich in Lorraine, excavated by M Lutz. A variety of rim-shapes are illustrated, with tables comparing the shapes, categorized according to a number of specific measurements, with visible aspects of the fabrics and their surface treatments. There are also discussions on chronology and distribution of these amphora types.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 115
605Coispine, J-M, 'La sigillée unie d'Eincheville-Le Tenig (Moselle)', Revue Arch. de l'Est et du Centre-Eat Tome XXX VIII, fasc. 1-2, Mélanges offerts I Marcel Lutz, 1987, 23- 34.
exc,syn/ptp/lst-mid 2nd/typ
A study of the stamped plain samian forms made at the site known as Eincheville-LeTenig, adjacent to the better-known site  of Chémery-Faulquemont. Excavations in 1984 provided new material from which a type series is constructed there is a catalogue, 79 illustrated examples of forms, along with 41 stamps, and there is a discussion of the chronology of the site. The study of the mould-decorated wares is yet to come.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 123
666  Schaub, J, 'Le potier Clamosus: sa production révélée par les fouilles de Bliesbruck (Moselle)', Revue Arch. de I'Est et du Centre-Est Tome XXXVIII, fasc. 1-2, Mélanges offerts à Marcel Lutz, 1987, 67-76. 
A deposit at Bliesbruck was found to contain a total of seven vessels stamped or signed by the potter Clamosus, of whose work only one previous example had been found (and published by Oswald). The study of these vessels, and of the vessels found in the same deposit of L. At. At., an Eschweilerhof potter, shows that the figure-types of both potters have connections with Trier Workshop II production, and those of Clamosus also have connections with Rheinzabern products. These connections are not, however, considered sufficient evidence to suggest that Clamosus actually worked at any of these production centres, and it is proposed instead that his vessels may represent an as-yet unlocated East Gaulish workshop.
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 page 150
1218  Lahanier, C, Leardi, R, Leclaire, A, Lutz, M & Malfoy, J-M, 'Analyse de céramiques trouvées en Moselle', Rei Cretariae Romance Fautores, Acta, 29/30, 1991, 42-54. See also entry nos. 1199 & 1226.
Although the two papers are published as separate entities, this paper presents the chemical analyses conducted in order to determine the provenances of two vessels in particular discussed in entry no. 1226, which were found at occupation sites, namely a lagena from Bonn and a gourd from Zarbeling (Moselle, arr. de Forbach). Vessels by the same potters, the Satvrninvs-Satto group, are known to have been made at five centres: Blickweiler, Boucheporn, Chemery, Eincheville-le-Tenig and Mittelbronn. The method of analysis was X-ray flourescence, and the work was carried out at Laboratoire de Recherche des Musées de France, based at the Louvre. The results show, interestingly, that the two vessels were probably both made at Mittelbronn, and not, as supposed on archaeological grounds, at Eincheville-le-Tenig. This may not seem a large step forward in pottery studies, but the accumulation of this sort of data is essential for a better understanding of the smaller East Gaulish production centres.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 page 152
1226  Lutz, M, with Bémont, C, Bemmann, H & Coispine, M, 'Vases de formes inédites chez Satvrninvs et Satto', Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores, Acta, 29/30, 1991, 35-41. See also entry nos. 1199 & 1218.
A brief iconographic study of vessels by the Satvrninvs-Satto potters from Eincheville-le-Tenig, Bonn and Zarbeling, (Moselle, arr. de Forbach). This work was complemented by the chemical analyses of the same vessels presented in entry no. 1218. The vessels in question are lagenae and a gourd, both unusual forms in East Gaulish samian.
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