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59 Nord :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 page 151
1225  Loridant, F, with Bloemendaal, L, 'Bavay: le site de la Maison de retraite', Revue du Nord -Archéologie, 74, no. 296, 1992, 115-30.
exc/mjc/end of 2nd-250 AD/usf
Bavay is known traditionally in southeastern Britain as a source of mortaria, exported in the mid-1st century AD. This modest publication shows a range of coarse wares found on a mid-2nd - mid-3rd century occupation site at Bavay, and among some 82 illustrated vessels there is only one mortarium. The coarse wares include jars, bowls, beakers, flagons and lids, almost all of which have forms comparable to those found on contemporary sites in southern Britain.
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