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60 Oise :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 114
597  Blaszkiewicz, P, David, P. Jigan, C & Marin, J-Y, 'Quelques données nouvelles sur la nécropole gab-romaine du Grand- Jardin à Lisieux (Calvados): La collection Delaporte du Musée de Lille', Revue Arch. Ouest 3, 1986, 119-134.
A short paper publishing pottery and glass from a 19th century collection, with the aim of putting the material into a modern perspective on Roman pottery found in Lower Normandy. It is not a large amount of material, however, and it will probably be more important for its coarse wares than for the imports: had it been written only a year or so later, its writers would have been unlikely to have attributed the roughcast, cornice-rimmed beakers to Compiègne, as their own more recent research has shown evidence both of local production and of importation otherwise almost exclusively from the Argonne.
Location: Muséc des Beaux-Arts, Lille

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 124
673  Tuffreau-Libre, M, 'La céramique gallo-romaine provenant du prieuré de Champlieu (Oise)', Revue Arch. de Picardie no. 1/2, 1986, 101-107.
tsg/crb/grf/grc/rgh (cornice-rimmed)
A short but profusely illustrated paper, although the drawings are not especially clear. The site is not described: pottery is merely said to have come from Gab-Roman features under the medieval priory at Champlieu. The attributions of the pottery are not especially meaningful, although many parrallels are drawn - with the samian, each sherd is ascribed a Drag form and a Munsell Color code, but none are attributed to particular sources.

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