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80 Somme :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 113
592  Benredjeb, T, 'La céramique gallo-romaine à Amiens (Somme): 1 La céramique gab-beige', Revue Arch. de Picardie no. 3/4, 1985, 143-176.
exc,syn/mil,mjc/late Augustan to Flavian/typ
This is the first of a planned series of studies on 1st century pottery from Amiens (studies on 3rd and 4th century material are planned by D Bayard, and pottery clearly to the 2nd century seems to be almost non-existent from Amiens). Basically it is a type series of terra nigra, terra rubra and  related wares, such as butt beakers and narrow-necked jars (Cam form 231/232). Well presented, with many parallels quoted and much detailed discussion of the derivation and dating of individual types. It is worthwhile comparing this material with what is presented in entry no. 628, early wares found at Trier. See also entry no. 593.
Location: Direction des Antiquité de Picardie, 5, rue Henri Daussy, 80044 Amiens
593  Benredjeb, T, 'La commercialisation de is céramique gallo-beige à Amiens', Revue Arch. de l'Est et du Centre-Est Tome XXXVIII, fasc. 1-2, Mélanges offerts à Marcel Lutz, 1987, 93- 100.
A reduced, synthesized version of entry no. 592. Additionally, however, it has a large table showing the presence/absence of particular forms at a some twenty-nine important sites in northern Europe, including four in Britain.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 118
628  Goethert-Polaschek, K, 'Die früheste Gebrauchskeramik der Trierer Kaiserthermen (augusteische bis tiberische Zeit)', Trierer Zeitschrift 47, 1984, 119-152.
A reasoned type series of the earliest pottery from the Kaiserthermen at Trier. The Gallo-Belgic forms, including terra nigra, terra rubra, butt beakers and early wall-sided mortaria are noticeably similar to Claudian material found in Britain. It is worthwhile comparing this material with what is presented in entry no. 592, early wares found at Amiens.
Location: Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Trier

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 page 144
1181  Ben Redjeb, T, 'Fouilles de 1'officine de Beuvraignes (Somme): premier bilan', Revue Archéologique de Picardie, no. 3/4,
1989, 79-85.
Situated about 50km southeast of Amiens, the site at Beuvraignes is apparently the first 3rd century kiln-site to have been excavated in Picardie. Part of a programme of evaluations in advance of the building of the northern extension of the TGV, a large area (7500 m2) of the site was opened in order to assess its archaeological potential, although ultimately only the eastern half is likely to be directly threatened by the TGV. As well as several kilns, the site 
    also revealed a considerable area apparently devoted to activities associated with pottery production, including workshops and storage areas. This, however, is only a brief summary of the work: a large general plan is shown, along with photographs of a decantation tank, a cellar, and two kilns (both surviving to an unusual degree of completeness), and there are line-drawings of eleven vessels, divided into dish/bowls, jars and pentice-moulded beakers, plus one flagon. The pentice-moulded beakers are closely paralleled at Colchester and London, although it is difficult to know how wide the Beuvraignes distribution may have been.
Location: not stated, but the excavations were carried out in association with the Direction des Antiquités at Amiens
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