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East Gaul :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 113
587Alexandre-Baudoux, J, 'Nouvelles données sur les importations en Gaule du nord.est: les amphores gauloises de la villa de Saint-Ulrich (Moselle)', Revue Arch. de l'Est et du Cent re-Est Tome XXXVIII, fasc. 1-2, Mélanges offerts a Marcel Lutz, 1987, 85-91.
A brief paper on Gaulish amphorae (Gauloise 4/5: peacock & Williams Class 27-31) found at the large villa of St Ulrich in Lorraine, excavated by M Lutz. A variety of rim-shapes are illustrated, with tables comparing the shapes, categorized according to a number of specific measurements, with visible aspects of the fabrics and their surface treatments. There are also discussions on chronology and distribution of these amphora types.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 116
609 Demarolle, J, 'Trois décors de Saturninus-Stto: un type de discours iconographique', Revue Arch. de l'Est et du Centre-Est Tome XXX VflI, fasc. 1-2, Mélanges offerts à Marcel Lutz, 1987, 35-42.
col,syn/---/lst-mid 2nd 
A rather philosophical discussion of the evolution of the language of mythological motifs in mould-decorated samian, with specific reference to the theme of Ulysses and Polyphemus expressed by the Satto-Saturninus groups of potters. In essence this is a study of how samian ware was used as a means of telling a story, and how the story is compressed into small, symbolic figures on bowls. The work has implications for the study of mould-decorated samian from many sources.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 123
669 Symonds, R P, 'La production de la sigillée a Colchester en Angleterre, et les liens avec les ateliers de la Gaule de l'Est: quelques résultats des analyses chimiques', Revue Arch. de l'Est et du Centre-Est Tome XXXVIII, fasc. 1-2, Mélanges offerts I Marcel Lutz, 1987, 77-81. 
tsg (Sinzig)/cls
An abridged version (in French) of the paper which appeared in JRPS Volume 2, Storey, et a!, 'A chemical investigation of "Colchester" samian by means of inductively-coupled plasma emission spectrometry'. The main finding is that some sherds previously identified as Coichester samian are found to have probably been made at Sinzig, on the Rhine, including all analysed sherds attributed to Hull's Potter C.
Location: Colchester & Essex Museum; Colchester Archaeological Trust

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 page 147
1199  Demarolle, J-M, 'La mise en place des images et ses effets esthétiques dans les décors de Satvrninvs-Satto', Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores, Acta, 29/30, 1991, 15-33. See also entry nos. 1218 & 1226.
This is another step in the long-continuing study of the Saturninus-Satto group of potters: see also JRPS 3, entry nos. 609,
    621 & 647, and below, entry nos. 1218 & 1226. As with her earlier study of the theme of Ulysses and Polyphemus (entry no. 609), this is a detailed reflection on how the potters organise the iconography within the limitations of the Dr 37 bowl. In this instance, Demarolle is concerned with the relationship of the various means of framing the decoration with the figures thus framed. Undoubtedly this kind of intensive study has considerable relevance for the study of all decorated samian: the designs used by the Saturninus-Satto potters are not especially original, especially in terms their overall style.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 page 150
1222  Laubenheimer, F, (ed), Les amphores en Gaule: Production et circulation. Centre de Recherches d'Histoire Ancienne, 116, CNRS, Paris, 1992. See also entry no. 1223.
aga/aae/cta/ait/ako/aly/asg/amp (Dr 1, Dr 9 similis, Dr 16, Dr 20 similis, Dr 43, Gauloise 12 - furrow-rimmed, Mas sal iete, )/r527/stv
This is a collection of twenty-one papers presented at a Round Table held at Metz on October 4th-6th, 1990. These probably all deserve separate Bibliography entries, but for JRPS 5 there is space and time only for the following summary of titles (with the exception of the paper by A P Fitzpatrick, which we include as entry no. 1223): The volume is divided into three sections, entitled 'Production, new evidence', "The distribution of amphorae', and 'Databanks and analyses', and the first two of these are followed by sections of general debate (tape-recorded at the meeting), on pp 113-5 and 207-218, respectively. A number of the individual papers are also followed by transcripts of the discussions which followed their presentation. Laubenheimer, F, with Gébara, C & Béraud, I, 'Production d'amphores a Fréjus', 15-24. With an appendix by M Picon. See also entry no. 1220, and the second paper by the same authors in the same volume, below. A considerable range of types was produced at Fréjus, including a Dr 16 found at Winchester Palace in London, with painted inscription indicating that it contained wine (Liquamen Excellens) from Antibes - but the analyses by M Picon show the vessel was probably made at Fréjus.
   Meffre, J-C &: p, 'L'atelier augustéen d'amphores et de céramiques de Sainte-Cécile-les Vignes (Vaucluse)', 25-35. Situated between Orange and Vaison-la-Romaine, this site produced imitations of Dr 2-4 and of Pascual 1, and Gauloise 2 and Gauloise 10 amphorae.
   Dangréaux, B, Desbat, A, Picon, M & Schmitt, A, 'La production d'amphores à Lyon', 37-50. With an appendix on scientific analyses. This is an updating of JRPS 4, entry no. 958.
   Martin-Kilcher, S, 'La fabrication d'amphores vinaires Dressel 2-4 a Augusta Rauricorum (Augst, Suisse) et le début de la viticulture au Nord des Alpes', 51-8. Augst produced its own versions of Dr 2-4, not dissimilar from those made at Mougon (Indre-et-Loire) and at Brockley Hill.
   Baudoux, J, 'Production d'amphores dans 1'Est de la Gaule', 59-69. Several East Gaulish production centres, including Rheinzabern, seem to have produced either imitations of Dr 20 amphorae, globular Dr 20-like amphorae with flat bottoms, or Gaulish-type amphorae. The Rheinzabern Dr 20 imitations are stamped with names which also appear on samian from the site
   This paper provoked a lengthy discussion on the organisation of pottery workshops in Gaul. Schallmayer, E, 'Production d'amphores en Germanie Supérieure?', 71-4. Similar types to those of the previous paper, Walldurn, on the limes.
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