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Limousin :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 120
643 Lintz, G, 'Etude de la céramique commune du Limousin, méthodologie', Société Française d'Etude de la Céramique Antique en Gaule, Ades du Congrès de Toulouse, 9-11 mai 1986, 1986, 155-161.
An exposé of a methodology for recording coarse pottery in Limousin. Includes a sample recording sheet which attempts to encompass every conceivable aspect of a pot, and which is easily computerized. The problem with systems like this is that they tend to be cumbersome because they ignore the obvious shorthand notation which is implicit in many basic descriptions: for example, we all know that BB1 is hand-made, so there should be no need to keep repeating waffle about the surface treatment each time a sherd is recorded. While computers generally tend not to like blank spaces, constantly filling them in can be a colossal waste of time, if one has a lot of pottery to deal with. (See also entry nos. 630, 640 & 644).

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 118
*1015  Vuaillat. D, Desbordes, J-M. Lintz, G. &: pautrat, Y et al, 'Limousin', Gallia Informations, 1987-88 (1), 161-211.
Reports include a local samian workshop (with moulds illustrated) from Brive la Gaillarde (Corréze) (see JRPS 3, entry nos. 650 & 651).        
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