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Nord, Pas-de-Calais :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 124
672 Tuffreau-Libre, M, La Céramique Commune Gallo-Romaine dans le Nord de la France (Nord, Pas-de-Calais), Presses Universitaires de Lille, Université de Lille III, 1980.
This book is a summary of Mme Tuffreau-Libre's work on the pottery from a considerable number of sites in northern France. It is, however, limited to the study of coarse pottery types, which means that not only samian but also all types of colour-coated wares are excluded. It is nevertheless an interesting volume, with a considerable amount of discussion of the dating of types, and including numerous graphs showing the frequency of general types at different sites, as well as studies of vessel-sizes. Some of these latter discussions look rather pseudo-scientific, although this may only be because they do appear to have been computer-generated: for her generation, Mme Tuffreau-Libre's approach is undoubtedly relatively enlightened. It is not helped, however, by her drawings: her style of ubiquitous stippling is very distinctive, but it does not make for easy comparisons with vessels from elsewhere.
674 Tuffreau-Libre, M & Jacques, A, 'La céramique gallo-romaine du ler siècle dans le sud de l'Atrébatie', Gallia 43, fasc. 1, 1985, 127-145.
A detailed paper on the 1st century pottery from a number of sites at and in the region surrounding Arras. The range of wares has many similarities with that published in Camulodunum, although there are also obviously local wares, such the North Gaulish necked jars with burnished rings around the neck. The paper includes useful comparative discussion on the types of pottery found contemporaneously in cemeteries, villas and in the town.      
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