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Provence :
Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 109
613  Desbat, A &: picon, M, 'Sigillée claire B et 'luisante" :classification et provenance', Figlina 7, 1986, 5-18.
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Normally discussions of the "imitation samian" wares known as 'sigillée claire B' and 'sigillée luisante' (?metallic) could happily be omitted from the Bibliography, since these are wares made and distributed almost exclusively in the southeast of Gaul, in particular along the Rhône Valley and in Provence. This paper, however, specifically compares the wares in question with similar products of the New Forest and Oxfordshire industries, and with 'céramique à l'éponge', and their similarities with the products of other Romano-British industries can be seen in the following two papers in the same volume (see entry nos. 629 & 661). The chemical analyses successfully separate the two types, 'claire B' and 'luisante', into material from two sources, the former being the Rhône Valley, and the latter being the Savoie region to the east. It is evident that all of the wares discussed may be said to form a substantial part of the answer to the question of what became of samian manufacturing after the end of Central Gaulish domination.
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