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Discusses amphoras of Dressel 1, 2-4, 7-11, Tarraconense 1, Pascual 1, Oberaden 74, Gauloise 1-11 types, and others with stamps (with distribution maps).

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 11, 2004 page 148
Simon, H-G, Köhler, H-J, Ein Geschirrdepot des 3 Jahrhunderts. Grahungen im Lagerdorf des Kastells Langenhain, Römisch-Germanischen Kommission des Deutschen Archaologischen Instituts zu Frankfurt A M Materialen zur römisch-german-ischen Keramik, Heft 11, Habelt, Bonn 1992 exc/csf/ggp/ early to mid 3rd
aga/asg/ass/sts/cts/ets/ats/German mortaria/kww/ngp?/mca/ rgh/tng/gry/osd
The majority of this book is concerned with the finds from two cellars belonging to houses within the civil settlement attached to the fort at Langenhain, apparently destroyed by fire c233. Both produced large deposits of largely homogeneous pottery although the published sections suggest that neither are truly sealed deposits. The main interest for readers of the Journal will be in the large amount of samian, including plain ware, published with Rheinzabern and Trier well represented and pieces from Lavoye and Heiligenberg also present. Among material published from elsewhere in the fort and civil settlement, samian from La Madeleine, the Satto/Saturninus workshop and Blickweiler. Of particular interest are the 116 stamped vessels from cellar 1 which are the work of just 5 Rheinzabern potters.
For a review by Joanna Bird, which more extensively summarises the book, see Britannia 25, 1994, 342.
1433  [various authors], 'Römische Zeit', Banner Jahrbucher 190, 1990, 459-501
Part of a summary of recent work which, unlike British equivalents, sometimes includes lists and illustrations of pottery finds. This particular issue appears to be of interest for its samian, amphoras and mortaria.
1434  [various authors], 'Römische Zeit', Fundberichte aus Baden-Wurttemberg 15, 1990, 608-702, and plates 89-133
A similar format to item 1433 above but, in this case, with a fuller finds listing making these a useful means of getting a rapid view of Roman ceramics in Upper Germany. Here, the pottery imitations of saucepans with rams-head handles (page 667) are of particular interest.
1435 [various authors], 'Römische Zeit', Fundberichte aus Baden-Wurttemberg 17.2, 1992, 91-159 and plates 53-72
See entry 1434 above. Elsewhere in the run of this periodical, volume 16 for 1991 includes a mortarium with a graffito around the rim from Heidelberg-Neuenheim (pp527-30) and volume 18 for 1993 includes a report on a rural site (villa rustica) at Fleinheim (pp 183-233).
    1436  [various authors], 'Römische Zeit', Fundeberichte aus Baden-Wurttemberg 19.2, 1994, 81-129
See entry 1434 above. Volume 19.1 for 1994 includes a site report on excavations in a military civil settlement at Aalen (pp265-355); the East Gaulish samian is mainly Rheinzabern.

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