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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 11, 2004 page 146
1409  Furber, AR, 'Der inhalt eines Geschirr-oder Vorratschenkes aus den 3 Jahrhunderts von Kaiseraugst-Schmidmatt', Jahres-
berichte aus Augst und Kaiseraugst
10, 1989, 213-68
A cellar deposit. The chief interest is in the 3rd century date of the main collection.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 11, 2004 page 147
1424  Mees, A, 'Aktaion in Augst', Jahresberichte aus Augst und Kaiseraugst 13, 1992, 263-64
exc/set/usf/ late 1st
Discusses a form 37 stamped in the decoration by Germanus; one of the relatively few samian decorative schemes which tells a coherent story in a series of scenes.
1425  Mees, A, 'Zur Gruppenbildung Rheinzaberner Modelhersteller und Ausformer', Jahrsberichte aus Augst und Kaiseraugst 14, 1993, 227-55
syn/kln, ptp/later 2nd & earlier 3rd
The study of Rheinzabern samian has acquired a dependency upon two hypotheses. The first is a sequence of relative dating for potters first advanced by Ricken and Ludowici in the layout of their 1942 volume (Die Bilderschusseln der romischen Topfer von Rheinzabern Tafeln Speyer 1942) and supported by the statistical analysis of Bittner (entry 1406, above). The second is the suggested later reuse of moulds ('Spataus-formungen').
  : In this article, Mees questions both hypotheses. His main argument is statistical - that the Bittner analysis should have used the Jaccard coefficient not that of Yule and this is backed by a re-working of the analysis using Jaccard, although no chronological significance is claimed for the resultant dendrogram. He further points out that a difference in names found in the mould and on the vessel need not be evidence for later reuse. Both this and differing base forms on vessels from closely similar moulds may presumably be the result of a trade in moulds similar to that known from other areas.

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