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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page5 92-93
Nick Cooper
746 Rawes, B, 'The Samian Ware and the Coarse Pottery', in 'The Romano-British Settlement at Haymes Cleeve Hill, near Cheltenham', Trans Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeol Soc.Vol 104, 1986, (61-93), 75-80. 
The samian is summarized: it is late 1st to late 2nd, including five stamped pieces. 41 coarse pottery vessels are illustrated, with basic quantification by sherd count The material includes "'Native'-type wares made well into the 2nd century" but these may be from the pie-Roman occupation of the site.

747 Timby, J, 'The Roman Pottery', in Darvill, T & Timby, J, 'Excavations at Saintbridge, Gloucester, 1981', Trans Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeol Soc, Vol. 104, 1986, 49-60.
exc/fls/late lst-4th 
Primarily abraded material from a series of Roman ditches and gullies. The classification follows the Gloucester Type fabric series and the quantification is by context group. The groups are mainly 3rd century, with one late 1st-early 2nd and there are a series of mid-late fills including a samian stamp of 70-90 AD.

748 Timby, J, 'The Post-prehistoric Finds', in Darvill, T, Hingley, R, Jones, M & Timby, J, 'A Neolithic and Iron Age Site at the Lodens, Lechlade, Gloucestershire', Trans Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeol Soc, Vol 104, 1986, (27-48), 43-47.
exc/set/late 1st-3rd 
Unstratified, abraded material, but the sherds are large enough to suggest Roman occupation in the vicinity. The group includes a 1st century AD mortarium from Central Gaul (Gloucs TF 9AA).

749 Trow, S D, 'The coarse pottery', in 'Excavations at Ditches Hillfort, North Cemey, Gloucestershire', Trans Bristol & Gloucestershire Archaeol Soc, Vol. 106, 1988, (19-85), 64-76, plus microfiche. Includes 'Samian Ware', by G B Dannell, 59-60, 'Gallo-Belgic Wares', by V Rigby, 60-3, and 'Amphorae', by S Keay, 63.
exc/opp/Iate Iron Age-early Romano-British
An important late Iron Age and early Romano-British assemblage, deriving from several well-sealed and securely dated contexts. The pottery includes Claudian or Claudio-Neronian imported finewares among the 152 illustrated vessels. V Rigby's report includes an assessment of Gallo-Belgic wares in the Cirencester- Bagendon region.
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 11, 2004
   pages 135-138

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