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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2 1989 page 108
R P Symonds (see introduction)
Fulford, M G (with contributions by J Bird, G Dannell, D P S Peacock & J Timby), 'The Roman Pottery', in Silchester Defences 1974-80, Gloucester, 1984, 122-195. exc/mjc,wltlpre-Flavian-4th/ggp amp/arr/sts/cts/mvs/alh/bbl/occ/grg/gro/Ind/mca/nvc/nvc/nfc/ ngp/oxm/orc/osd/ppr/pph/rhn/rgh/tng/trb/sft/ofg/kww 
A substantial and very detailed report on a wide range of pottery. Broken into five main chronological groups, each of which is further subdivided according to individual sites. This approach deprives the report of a type series, and the evolution of particular types is therefore difficult to follow, but it does give a clear impression of the range of material present at any given period. Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3 1990 pages 98-100
Malcolm Lyne & (*) Colin Wallace
Editor's note: for any reader who failed to spot Volume II's most glaring error, it must be mentioned here that entry no. 174, Silchester Defences, 1974 -80, by M G Fulford, was mistakenly included under the county of Berkshire. This was entirely due to the editor's curious geographical reasoning ("Professor Fulford is at Reading, so Silchester must be in Berkshire..."). Future references to Silchester will be returned to Hampshire.

*448 Champion, T, 'The pottery from near Martini', in Catherall,
P D, et al, The Southern Feeder. The Archaeology of a Gas Pipeline, 1984, 175-183.
exc/rrs/first half of lst-2nd 
Largely late Iron Age Durotrigian - one of the most easterly finds of the ware, with a small amount of later material.
Location: not stated

449  Collis, J, with contributions by B R Hartley ('Samian') and D P S Peacock ('Amphorae'), 'Coarse Pottery', in 'Excavations at Silchester, Hants 1968', Proc. of the Hampshire Field Club & Arch. Soc. Vol 39, 1983, (57-68), 64-65 & microfiche.
Detailed pottery reports with illustrations on microfiche. Not enough effort has been made to identify coarse wares. Alice Holt is not mentioned, but its distinctive storage jar rim forms are illustrated.
Location: not given

*450Davies, S M, 'The pottery [from Barton Stacey]', in Catherall, PD, et al, The Southern Feeder. The Archaeology of a Gas Pipeline, 1984, 86-97.
exc/rrs/mid-late 1st-early 2nd +late 3rd-4th/usf
A site recognised by aerial photography, near a Roman road excavated in advance of a gas pipeline. Broad fabric groupings (sand-tempered; flint-tempered grog-tempered) are laid out for the coarsewares.
Location: not stated
    *451 Davies, S M, 'The Pottery [from Little Somborne]', in   Catherall, PD, et al, The Southern Feeder. The Archaeology of a Gas Pipeline, 1984, 130-135.
exc/rrs/mid 1st-early-mid 2nd +late 3rd-4th/usf
A site on the Upper Chalk west of Winchester, excavated in advance of a gas pipeline. Broad fabric groupings are defined for the coarsewares. The glazed ware is identified as Chichester products.
Location: Test Valley Archaeological Trust, Romsey

452Davies, S M, 'Roman Pottery', in Cock, A M & Dacre, M W, Excavations at Portway, Andover, 1973-1975, 1985, 17-18.
exc/rur/43-150, with stray later sherds/usf
No pottery is illustrated and the site is mainly Neolithic, Bronze Age and Saxon, but Table II, giving a breakdown of fabrics and forms imparts more information of real use than many much longer reports.
Location: not given

453 Davies, S M, & Timby, J R, 'The Pottery', in Rogers, J & Walker, J S F, 'A Detached Romano-British Bath House at Braish Field, near Romsey, Hampshire', Proc. of the Hampshire Field Club & Arch. Soc. Vol. 41, 1985, (69-79), 74.
A very terse report with no illustrations.
Location: not given

454 Hawkes, J W, 'The Roman Pottery', in Fasham, P J, The Prehistoric Settlement at Winnall Down, Winchester, Hampshire Field Club Monograph No. 2, 1985, 69-76.
A splendid report. This is how pottery should be quantified (Tables 10 & 11, Fig. 59. & 60). The pottery is tabulated firstly according to weight and sherd number per fabric.
Secondly it is tabulated according to numbers of rims per vessel type in each fabric. The presentation is very precise and informative.
Location: not given

455Hawkes, J W, 'The Pottery', in Fasham, P 1, A Banjo Enclosure in Micheldever Wood, Hampshire, Hampshire Field Club Monograph No. 5, 1987, 27-33.
Includes a good range of 1st century native types.
Location: not given

456Light, T, 'A Romano-British waster heap at Allen's Farm, Rockbourne', Proc. of the Hampshire Field Club & Arch. Soc. Vol. 39, 1983, 69-75 & microfiche.
A detailed corpus on microfiche.
Location: not given

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