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457 Milieu, M, 'An early Roman cemetery at Alton, Hampshire', Proc. of the Hampshire Field Club & Arch. Soc. Vol 42, 1986, 41-87.
Good, largely pre-Flavian groups. Gives insight into the origins of the Alice Holt/Farnham industry, which is only five miles away.
Location: not given

458 Milieu, M, with contributions by I Bird ('Samian') and B M Dickinson & B R Hartley ('Samian Stamps'), 'The Pottery', in Milieu, M & Graham, D, Excavations on the Romano-British. Small Town at Neatham, Hampshire, 1969 -1979, Hampshire Field Club Monograph No. 3, 1986, 63-94.
exc/twn/mid lst-400+/ggp,seq,typ
Useful for dating of Alice Holt wares (Neatham is three-four miles from Alice Holt/Famham) but certain aspects are problematic: for example, Period 1, Structure : Is dated in Table 2 as late 1st to mid 2nd, on the basis of coarse wares and samian. In Table 20, however, New Forest and Oxfordshire wares are present Other, non-Alice Holt coarse wares present would probably fit into a moderate-sized cardboard box.

459 Shaw, G, 'The Roman Pottery', in Ashbee, P. 'Hook, Warsash, Hampshire, Excavations, 1954', Proc. of the Hampshire Field Club & Arch. Soc. Vol 43, 1987, (21.62), 42-44.
Location: not given

460 Thompson, A, 'The Pottery', in Milieu, M & Russell, D, 'An Iron Age and Romano-British site at Viables Farm, Basingstoke', Proc. of the Hampshire Field Club & Arch. Soc. Vol. 40, 1984, (49-60), 58 & microfiche
Report on microfiche. No illustrations.
Location: not given

461 Timby, JR. 'The Pottery', in Stamper, PA, 'Excavations on a mid-twelfth century siege castle at Bentley, Hampshire', Proc. of the Hampshire Field Club & Arch. Soc. Vol. 40, 1984, (81- 90), 87-88.
A Roman site beneath a motte.
Location: not given

462 Tomalin, D J, 'The Vectis Pottery Tradition', in Roman Wight: A Guide Catalogue, 1987, 30-40.
A very significant work. A corpus of products from a hitherto unpublished industry. There is a very good section on tile in the same volume (pp. 105-115).
    463 Turner, A, 'The Roman Pottery', in Morris, M, 'An Iron Age and Romano-British site at Choseley Farm, Odiham: The excavations of Dorothy Liddell, 1937', Proc. of the Hampshire Field Club & Arch. Soc. Vol. 42, 1986, (90-108), 99-100 & microfiche. exc/rur,frm/43-400+/usf
Location: not given Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4 1991 page 103
Scientific analysis
Richard Pollard
892 Hart, F A & Adams, S J, 'The chemical analysis of Romano-British pottery from the Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire, by means of inductively-coupled plasma emission spectrometry', Archaeometry, Vol 25 (2), 1983, 179-185. Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 11 1990 page 138

In future the bibliography will not be printed in JRPS, but will be an exclusively on-line resource. New contributions are listed below

Joanna Bird July 2008
1623 DICKS, J. Villas in East Hampshire and West Sussex: a study of their pottery assemblages and settlement pattern. Hampshire

Joanna Bird July 2009
V. BIRBECK/G. JONES/A. B. POWELL/R. H. SEAGER SMITH, A Roman pottery kiln, kiln furniture and new vessel forms from Alice Holt Forest, Hampshire. Hampshire Studies: Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club Archaeological Society 63, 2008, 110-128.

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