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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 109
National journal article
Richard Pollard & (*) R P Symonds
*564 Frere, S S, with a contribution by B R Hartley ('The 
Samian'), 'Brandon Camp, Herefordshire', Britannia XVIII, 1987, (49- 92), 80-92. Pottery examined by Donald Bailey ('The Lamp'), A C Anderson ('The Other Pottery'), K F Hartley ('Mortaria'), D P S Peacock ('Amphorae') and E L Morris ('Iron Age Pottery').
The description of the site and the composition of the pottery shows that this was an interesting body of material. It would have been more interesting if it could have been published in a form which made it more easily comparable with material from similarly-dated deposits. Martin Millett attempts comparisons with three assemblages of almost precisely the same date in the paper which follows this one in the same volume (see entry no. 566 below), but the style of presentation here, a sort of type series with lists of descriptions, does not lend itself easily to quantified comparative studies. A table or two would have helped.
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