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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 100
Sally Stow
464 Bartlett, J E & Mackey, R W, 'Excavations on Walkington Wold, 1967-1969', East Riding Archaeologist Vol.1, Part 2, 1912, 10-18, 27, & 39-43.
exc/unk/late 4th/usf 
   An interesting group of late Roman pottery, three-quarters of which was Huntcliff ware representing an estimated 200 vessels.
Location: Hull Museums

465 Eddy, M R, 'Excavations at Moot Hill, Driffield', East Riding Archaeologist Vol. 7, 1983, 48-49.
exc/unk/late 4th hcs/cra
   A small quantity (19 illustrated sherds) of mainly Huntcliff ware (plus a little Crambeck) from a fourth century building found beneath the motte of a previously unknown Norman castle.
Location: not given

466 Hicks, J D & Wilson, J A, 'Romano-Bntish Kilns at Hasholme', East Riding Archaeologist Vol. 2, 1975, 49-67. 
   A brief and basic report on the excavation of three kilns lying close to Throlam kilns. Poor illustrations & text. No discussion of dating.
Location: Hull Museums

467 Lloyd, G D, 'A Roman Pottery Kiln in the Parish of Lockington', East Riding Archaeologist Vol. 1, Part 1, 1968, 28-38.
Location: not given

468 Rigby, V, et al, Pottery', in Stead, I M, Rudston Roman Villa, 1980, 37-94.
   Two good groups from the well: the upper is paralleled by signal station sites and so should date to post AD 367. The lower is probably c AD 295-330. Includes a useful note on Parisian ware.
Location: not given

469 Wachier, I S, with contributions by B R Hartley ('Samian') and K F Hartley ('Mortarium stamps'), 'Coarse pottery', in Excavations at Brough-on-Humber 1958-1961, London, 1969, 107-205.
 Useful groups of coarse pottery, much of it of local manufacture.
Location: Hull Museum

582 Sitch, Brian, 'Faxfleet 'B" : A Romano-British site near Broomfleet in North Humberside', M.A. Dissertation, University of Durham, 1987.
   An examination of the material evidence (essentially pottery) from the site.
Location: Hull City Museums
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 95
Sally Stow
764 Crowther, D & Didsbuiy, P. 'Redcliff and the Humber', in Price, J & Wilson, P R (eds), with C S Briggs and S J Hardman, Recent Research in Roman Yorkshire, Brit Archaeol Rep Brit Ser 193, 1988, (3-20), 9, 11-15 & 17.
exc,wbf/set/lst, esp. Claudian-Neronian/usf
   The site lies just west of North Ferriby village and is usually referred to by that name. The pottery is not illustrated, but there is a useful reference to V Rigby's comparison between the Gallo-Belgic wares from Old Winteringham and North Ferriby in Stead, I M, 1976, 133-135 (Excavations at Winterton Roman Villa and other Roman Sites in North Lincolnshire; cf JRPS 3, entry nos. 471 & 474). Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1991 pages 132/3

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