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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 pages 100/1
Sally Stow
470 Loughlin, N, 'Dales Ware: A Contribution to the Study of Roman Coarse Pottery', in Peacock, D PS, ed., Pottery and Early Commerce: Characterization and Trade in Roman and Later Ceramics, London, 1977, 85-146.
syn,chm/ptp/late 2nd-4th
   An extensive study of Dales and Dales-type ware, especially relevant to northern Lincolnshire (now South Humberside), which Loughlin believes to be the source of Dales ware.

471 Stead, I M, Excavations at Winterton Roman Villa and Other Roman Sites in North Lincolnshire, 1958-67, H.M.S.O., 1976. See entry nos. 472-475 for pottery details.

472 Hartley, B R &: pengelly, H, 'Samian Ware', in entry no. 471, 102- 116.
exc/mil,vil,mt/lst-early 3rd
Location: Scunthorpe Museum

473 Hartley, K F, 'Mortaria', in entry no. 471, 116-126. 
Location: Scunthorpe Museum

474 Rigby, V. 'Gallo-Belgic and Other Imported Wares', in entry no. 471, 127- 135.
  : Includes a useful comparison between Gallo-Belgic wares from Old Winteringham and North Ferriby.
Location: Scunthorpe Museum

475 Rigby, V & Stead, I M, 'The Pottery Industry in North Lincolnshire', and 'Coarse Pottery', in entry no. 471,95-101 & 136-190.
   Detailed and very useful publication of large groups '(including much local pottery) from the Old Winteringham settlement and Winterton Villa. (Much 1st, 2nd and 3rd century material, little 4th). Also includes general notes on Parisian and Dales wares.

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