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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 1, 1986 pages 86-87
Kent - Malcolm Lyne
55 Cullen, P, 'A Roman site at Pysons Road, Ramsgate', Kent Arch Review, Spring 1983, 2-8.

56 French, D A & Green, P W, ' late Iron Age site at Thong Lane, Gravesend', Kent Arch Review, Autumn 1983, 54-68.
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large number of illustrations, very detailed.

57 Harrison, A C, Rochester l974-75', Arch. Cantiana XCVII, 1982, 95-136.

58 MacPherson-Grant, P4, 'Part I1; The pottery', in Bennett, P, Frere, S S, & Stow, S, The Archaeology of Canterbury, Vol II Excavations at Canterbury Castle,1982, 89-168.
A comprehensive pottery report with plenty of illustrated forms and a particularly good mortaria section.

59 Monaghan, J, An investigation of the Romano-British pottery industry of the Upchurch marshes', Arch. Cantiana XCVIII, 1983, 27-49.
syn ,chm/ptp/40-400+ 
bb2(Kent ) /upc
A serious attempt to isolate and identify a genuine Upchurch industry, using neutron activation analysis. An important article.

60 Monaghan, J, 'The Woodruff Collection', Arch. Cantiana  XCIX, 1984, 199-217.
col /ptp/40-300/usf ,typ.*
Not published strictly as a 'type series', but could be used as such in
a limited manner.

61 Ogilvie, .J D, 'The Hammill Ritual Shaft', Arch. Cantiana  XCVIII, 1983, 145-166.
exc/rel /0-400+ 

62 Pollard, R J, 'Two~cremations of the Roman period from St. Augustine's College, Canterbury', Arch. Cantiana  XCVII, 1982, 318-324.
exc/wlt ,cem/70-140 
sts/blg/nri /rgh

63 Pyke, J A, London - Essex stamped ware from Otford', Kent Arch Review  Summer 1983, 26-28.

64 Willson, J, 'A Romano-British site at Broadstairs', Kent Arch Review, Summer 1983, 34-41.
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2, 1989 pages 117-118
Kent Malcolm Lyne, (*)R P Symonds & (+)Jason Monaghan
276 Garrod, D & Willson, J, 'The Roman cemetery at Slade Green, Bexley', Kent Arch. Review, Winter 1985, 44-48.

277 Gaunt, J &: parfitt, K, 'Roman cremation burials from Great
Mongeham', Kent Arch. Review, Spring 1986, 69-71.

278 Hart, F A, 'Excavation of a Saxon grubenhaus and Roman ditch
at Kent Road, St. Mary Cray', Arch. Cantiana Vol CI, 1984,
A useful &: Important article dealing with a grubenhaus where
Saxon and late Roman pottery may have been in use together.
Also has visual identification of Alice Holt sherds by M Lyne,
confirmed by chemical analysis.

*279 Macpherson-Grant, N C, ed. (with contributions by P Arthur, I Bird, B. Dickinson, B R Hartley, K F Hartley, M Redknap, V. Rigby, V Tatton-Brown, & C I Young), 'The Pottery', in Bennett, P, Frere, S S & Stow, 5, The Archaeology of Canterbury, Vol. 1: Excavations at Canterbury Castle, Canterbury Arch. Trust/ Kent Arch. Soc., 1982, 89-168.
A thorough, fundamental report, well illustrated (34 figures of
drawings), with numerous specialist reports, on a substantial
quantity of pottery. The discussion tends to be concentrated on  the proportions of imported wares. The local wares are presented only as a type series, with no quantification: this means that despite the detailed descriptions of the illustrated vessels, there is no way to judge their relative importance. This problem is undoubtedly being rectified by more recent work.
Location: records in Royal Museum, Canterbury: pottery: unknown

+280 Monaghan, I, 'Upchurch Fine Ware'. London Archaeologist, Vol 4, no. 15, 1984, 405-408.
col/ptp/70-230 upc/nri/pph

281 Perkins, D R J & Hawkes, S C, 'The Thanet gas pipeline Phases
I &: II (Monkton Parish), 1982', Arch. Cantiana Vol CI, 1984,

282 Philp, B, 'Luliingstone - Badger finds Roman burial', Kent Arch. Review, Summer 1985, 245-247.
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