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283 Philp, B & Wilson, I, 'Roman site at Scotney Court, Lydd', Kent Arch. Review, Autumn 1984, 156-162.
oth/salt extraction/0- 100 big/nri/gro
284 Wilson, J, 'An Iron Age & Roman site at Postling', Kent Arch. Review, Winter 1983, 92-95.

*285 Wilson, M, 'The other pottery', in Frere, S S, Stow, S & Bennett, P. The Archaeology of Canterbury, Volume H: Excavations on the Roman and Medieval Defences of Canterbury, Canterbury Archaeological Trust/ Kent Arch. Soc., 1982, 129-
exc/mjc,wit/lst-4th/usf amp/sts/cts/blg/bbl/bb2lccc/occ/fcp/grc/ grg/lcl/ctm/orc/osd/pph/-rhn/rgh/tng/btb/cta
None of the sites involved produced especially large quantities of pottery, and therefore it is a wide-ranging mixture, with pre-Roman, Roman, Medieval and post-Medieval all intermingled in the report (much as this sort of material was found, in later pits). Nevertheless, many of the contexts are fairly closely dated, so these are useful finds.
(A brief samian report on pp 126-128 includes very short reports on stamps by B R Hartley, F Oswald & G Simpson).
Location: records in Royal Museum, Canterbury: pottery: un

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 101
Richard Pollard, (*) Malcolm Lyne & (+) Cohn Wallace
See also 'Books', for Monaghan, J, Upchurch and Thameside Roman Pottery: A ceramic typology for northern Kent, first to third centuries AD (entry no 557), and for Pollard, R J, The Roman Pottery of Kent (entry no 558).

476 Detsicas, A P, 'A salt-panning site at Funton Creek', Archaeologia Cantiana 101 (for 1984), 1985, 165-168.
A brief report on a 1963 rescue excavation. There is no separate pottery report; there are three pottery illustrations.
Location: not recorded

477 Frere, S S. Bennett, P. Rady, J & Stow, S, Canterbury Excavations: Intra- and Extra-mural sites, 1949-55 and 1980-84, The Archaeology of Canterbury, Vol VIII, 1987. See entry nos. 478-482 for pottery details.

478 Bird, J & Dickinson, B M, 'The samian from Marlowe Avenue and No. 15A Dane John', in entry no. 477,329-333. exc/mjc/Claudian-mid 3rd
sts/cts/ets/ats (late 2nd-early 3rd)
A catalogue, including illustrations of two decorated pieces and six stamps.

    479 Green, M J, 'The finds and pottery from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust sites, 1980-84' (various short reports in section iv), in entry no. 477, 301-303 & 326-328. 
exc,slr/mjc/late 1st BC-early 5th AD/usf 
amp/asg/ass/sts/cts/ets/ats (late)/ccc/clc/kww (incl.rgh)/lyc/
nvc/owc/orc/egg (TN)/mrb (German + early London marbled
ctm or clm/ktm/lnm/?mem (Soller)/oxm (all 3 fabrics)/
The pottery from 7 Palace St (301-302) is quantified by sherd count; for Marlowe Ave., St. John's Lane & No. l5A Dane John: summary of 'Gallo-Belgic', Roman and late Roman imports only, also quantified by sherd counts.
Location: Canterbury Archaeological Trust; Canterbury Royal Museum

480 Hartley, K F, 'Mortarium stamps from Canterbury', in entry no. 477, 251-255.
17 stamped vessels are described, 16 stamps are illustrated. This collects together stamps from excavations by the Canterbury Excavations Committee published in various volumes of the Arch. of Canterbury series. Includes useful comments on Kent/Canterbury production.
Location: Canterbury Royal Museum

481 Pollard, R J, 'The Pottery' (from Cranmer House, London Road), in entry no. 477, 284-298.
exc,slr (rescue)/mjc,cem/mid lst-3rd (mainly mid 2nd-3rd for burials)/ggp
amp/ass/sts/mvs/cts/ccc/kww or nvc/lyc/orc/rhn/blg/ira/pph/ bb2/
grf/gro/ncg/lcg/nkg/?ctm,ktm/buf/mf/osf/lox/wsx/esx/upc (pph etc.)
Partial excavation of a cemetery: 53burials including burials in amphorae. Also residual/domestic scatter. There was also a Saxon cemetery on the same site.
Location: Canterbury Archaeological Trust; Canterbury Royal Museum

482 Wilson, M G, 'The Pottery' (from Canterbury Excavation 
Committee sites, 1946-60), in entry no. 477, 195-219 (including non-Roman material).
exc/mjc,cem,?cpp ('Belgic' huts)/ggp
crb/bbl/bb2/grf/grg/gro/ncg/lcg/clm or ktm/ewm/ktm/ngm/ 
In the format of Verulamium I: no fabric type series, no quantification, extensive illustrations (132 profiles); listed by context; no synthesis. Includes graffiti: Fig 79, 207-208, in 'Belgic' wares; an amphora stamp (Dressel 20): Fig 87, no. 64,218-219; and a TN platter stamp: Fig 79, no. 1,207-208.
Location: Canterbury Royal Museum

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