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*491 Philp, B & Martin, C, 'A Romano-British site at Horton Kirby', Kent Archaeological Review, no. 91, Spring 1988, (15-22), 19- 22.
A small rescue excavation. An assemblage of 216 sherds, with 19 illustrations.
Location: K.A.R.U. and Dartford Museum

NB The following entry is a revised version of one in JRPS1
(57) Pollard, R J, 'Roman Coarse Pottery', in Harrison, A C, 'Rochester 1974-75', Archaeologia Cantiana 97 (for 1981), 1982, (95-136), 108-118.
exc/wlt/2nd-early-mid 3rd, with 1st century residuals/ggp
sts/cts/ets/ccc  ("Rhenish")/clc/kww/rhn/rgh(cc)/occ/mca/
mix)/clm/sem/ vrm/osf/wsx/osd/ppr/upc('fine grey")/pgr
Three groups from excavations of the town defences, quantified by vessel rim equivalents (E.V.E.s), with 35 pottery illustrations. Also includes short reports (wares noted above) by A P Detsicas: 'The Samian Ware' (including seven stamps, 118-119), and K F Hartley: 'A mortarium from Rochester' (stamped, with profile illustration). Location: Rochester Museum

492 Pollard, R J, 'The container', in Davies, J A, 'A hoard of
"radiate" coins from Allington', Archaeologia Cantiana 98 (for 1982), 1983, (137-144), 144. 
csf/coin hoard in pot/buried c280 AD/usf
A bulbous beaker, as Ospringe types 57 and 110 (W Whiting, W Hawley, & T May, Excavations of the Roman Cemetery at Ospringe, Kent, Rep Res Comm Soc Antiq London 8, 1931). The find gives a rare precise date for the use of this type.
Location: Maidstone Museum

493 Pollard, R J, 'The Pottery, Excluding Samian', in Ogilvie, J D, 'The Hammill Ritual Shaft', Archaeologia Cantiana 98 (for 1982), 1983, (145-166), 153-4, 160-166. (This is an amended version of entry no 61, Vol 1). 
exc/rur/late 1st BC-4th AD/usf 
ass/sts/'?mvs/cts/nvc (or lower Rhineland)/orc/mrb (German
"mottled" 3rd-4th flagon)/blg/?btb-ngp/ppb/bbl/bb2/grf/gro
(includes late Roman Kent fabric/ncg/lcg/ctm/clm/ktm/sem 
(Hartley 1977, type l)/buf/ngt/mf/wht/lox/wsx 
Excavated in 1946. With 19 pottery illustrations. Also includes a report (fabrics listed above) by C M Johns, 'Samian Pottery from the Hammill subsidiary pit' (a catalogue).
Location: British Museum

494 Willson, J, 'The Roman Pottery', in Garrod, D, 'A Roman cremation from Cliffe', Kent Archaeological Review 69, Autumn 1982, (198- 199), 198-199.
slr/cem/mid lst-2nd sts/tsg/gif/gro(ngt;osd?)(lst century 'native' grog tempered ngt)/osd (platter/shallow bowl in "orange-buff' ware) Six vessels; three illustrations of profiles, plus two of samian stamps.
Location: K.A.R.U. (Dover Castle?)
    495 Willson, J, 'The Roman Pottery', in 'A new archaeological site at Saltwood', Kent Archaeological Review 80, Summer 1985, (226-235), 228-232.
wbf/rrs/500-200 BC (LA.); mid lst-4th AD/usf 
amp/tsg/orc/ira/grf/grc/gro (late Roman Kent
grog-tempered/ncg/flg (LA.)?oxm/?alh
22 sherds of LA. pottery; 162 sherds of Roman pottery, 19 illustrations. A useful small late Roman group.
Location: K.A.R.U., Dover Castle

*496 Wilson, J, 'Discoveries on the Old Institute site at Faversham', Kent Archaeological Review, no. 85, Autumn 1986, (108-118), 112-1 18.
A small rescue excavation. An assemblage of 115 sherds, with 15 illustrations.
Location: K.A.R.U.

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