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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 1, 1986 page 87
Malcolm Lyne
69 Tyers, P, 'An assemblage of Roman ceramics from London, London Archaeologist, 1984, 367-374 Bishopsgate 1st-2nd centuries; 120 kg; ?foodshop].
no named pottery types

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 pages 103/4
Malcolm Lyne
504 Cameron, F, 'The Roman Pottery', in Parnell, G, 'Excavations at the Salt Tower, Tower of London, 1976', Trans. London & Middlesex Arch. Soc. Vol 34, 1983, (95-106), 102-103.
Location: not given

Mclsaac, W, with contributions by J Bird ('The Samian')  and B M Dickinson ('The Stamped Samian'), 'Roman Coarse Wares', in Mills, P, 'Excavations at Roman Road/Parnell Road, Old Ford, London E3', Trans. London & Middlesex Arch. Soc. Vol 35, 1984, (25-36), 29-34.
Location: not given

Parnell, G, with contributions by J Bird ('Samian'), F Cameron ('Other Pottery'), B M Dickinson ('Samian Stamps') and C Green ('Amphorae'), 'The Roman and Medieval Defences and the Later Development of the Inmost Ward, Tower of London Excavations 1955- 77', Trans. London & Middlesex Arch. Soc. Vol. 36, 1985, 
(1- 79), 51-60.
A most important paper showing evidence for the construction of the riverside wall in the latest years of the 4th century 4th-5th century stratified groups.
Location: not given

507 Richardson, B, with contributions by J Bird ('Samian wares'), B M Dickinson ('Samian Stamps'), and C Green ('Amphorae'), 'Pottery', in Miller, L, Schofield, J & Rhodes, M, The Roman Quay at St. Magnus House, London: Excavations at New Fresh Wharf, Lower Thames St., London 1974 -78, 1986, 96-204.
exc/mjc,trd,wlt/lst-4th, with the bulk dated to 170-245/seq
A very important report, including a large early 3rd century group dated additionally by dendrochronology, which is a crucial contribution to the understanding of the least-known period of Roman ceramics in Britain. A very lavish report, with colour photographs of some key vessels and illustration of the plain samian, not just a list of form numbers. Location: not given
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol  2, 1989  page 123
National journals, books and other items
Robin Symonds

Hobley, B, Roman and Saxon London: a Reappraisal, Museum of London Annual Archaeology Lecture, 1986.
Contains the D.U.A. bibliography 1974-1985, giving details of published pottery reports, Level III reports, archive reports, and published research, compiled by T Dyson &: p Tyers.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 page 114
Foreign publications
R P Symonds
596 Bird, I, 'Two Groups of Late Samian from London', Rei Cretariae Romanae Fautores, Acta XXV/XXVI, 1987, 325-330.
A brief discussion of two unusual groups of late samian from London, one from New Fresh Wharf and the other from Shadwell, in the area of the London Docks. Both contain substantial numbers of vessels from Rheinzabem and Trier, dating to the mid-3rd century: comparable assemblages are unknown elsewhere in Britain. Full reports on both groups have by now been published, but this paper provides a useful introduction to them, and discussion of their combined significance.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 page 101
Reviews in national journals
Richard Pollard
829 Review of Crouch, KR & Shanks, S A, Excavations in Staines 1975-76. The Friends' Burial Ground Site (London Middlesex Archaeol Soc/Surrey Archaeol Soc Joint Publ. no.2, 1984), by Creep, S, Archaeol J, Vol. 142, 1985 (publ. 1986), 394-5. Includes stout criticism of the use of microfiche. (JRPS 1, entry no. 125)

Review of Dyson, A (ed), The Roman Quay at St Magnus House, London (1986), by Fulford, M, Antiq J, Vol. 67, (II), 1987, 422- 3. (JRPS 3, entry no. 507)

846 Review of Jones, D M, Excavations at Billingsgate Buildings, Lower Thames Street, London, 1974 (London Middlesex Archaeol Soc Special Paper No. 4, 1981), by Sheldon, H, Archaeol J, Vol. 139, 1982 (publ 1983), 458-460.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 11, 2004 page 139

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