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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 1, 1986 pages 92-93
Malcolm Lyne and (*)Pauline Marney
153 Anderson, A, Fulford, M G, Hatcher, H, &: pollard, A M 'Chemical Analysis of Hunt Cups and Allied Wares from Britain', Britannia XIII, 1982, 229-238.
nyc /rgh
A useful study in separating Koln and Nene Valley hunt cups by means of chemical analysis.

Arnold, C J, 'Industry and the Structure of the Economy', in Arnold, C J, Roman Britain to Saxon England:  Croom Helm Studies in Archaeology, 1984, 84-120.
ats/ars/alh/bb1/had/nvc /oxf/mrb
A useful synthesis of the author's views on pottery trade in 4th and 5th C Britain..

Bailey, D M, A Cnidian relief ware sherd from London (15-23 Southwark Street, in 2nd Century well', Antiq. Journal 63, 1983, 374-376. 

156 Bird, J & Williams, B, German Marbled Flagons in Roman Britain', Britannia XIV, 1983, 247-252.
A key publication on a rare type of exotic pottery imported into Britain.

Boon, G C, 'Potters, Oculists, and Eye Troubles', Britannia XIV, 1983, 1-12.
oth/ptp/not dated cts/mra
An interesting work speculating on the reasons why certain vessels are impressed with oculists' stamps before firing.

Braithwaite, G., 'Romano-British Face Pots and Head Pots', Britannia XV, 1984, 99-131.
A useful definitive work.

Catherall, P D, 'A Romano-British Pottery Manufacturing Site at Oakleigh Farm, Higham, Vent', Britannia XIV, 1983, 103-141.
exc/ptp/140-250/ggp ,typ 
Very useful assemblages, esp. for the dating of bead & flanged rimmed bowls; the dating of Kiln A may be too late.

Crouch, K R & Shanks, S A, 'One of the Early Roman Pottery Industries at Staines, Surrey', Britannia XIV, 1983, 253-255.
syn /ptp /40-100/seq
An article particularly important for the early Romano-British imitations of Pompeian-red wares.
161 Frere, S S, 'The Bignor Villa, Britannia XIII, 135-195. 
sts/cts/alh/blg /bb1/ccc/nri/glz/oxf/rhn/nfc/rwc/orb/ clc
Samian report by F Grew, 184-187; other pottery by M G Wilson, 188-192.
Particularly important for late 2nd C. Alice Holt ware: figs 36-39.
    163  Richardson, B L Tyers, P, 'Plorth Gaulish Pottery in Britain'. Britanna   XV, 1984, 133-142.
syn/no site type/140-250/typ
A useful pioneer work.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2, 1989 pages 123/4
R P Symonds, (*)Colin Wallace, (+)Jason Monaghan & (.)Catriona Turner. See also entry nos. 177, 179, 180, 182, 189 & 190 (all Arch. Journal) and nos. 158 (repeated between 220 and 221) 221, 224, 333, 337, 342, 352 & 353 (all Britannia). There are also numerous papers or pottery reports in books or collected papers which are related to a specific county, and have therefore been entered above or below this section.
363 Arthur, P, 'Roman Amphorae from Canterbury', Britannia XVII, 1986, 239-258.
It is not made clear why this report appears in Britannia rather than as part of one of the series of recent publications by the Canterbury Archaeological Trust, since its emphasis is to report specifically on the types found at Canterbury, rather than to provide a general guide to these types, such as Peacock & Williams (entry no. 368), and P R Sealey (entry no. 235) have done more recently. The main objective appears to have been to demonstrate the wide range of amphorae received by the town, and the not inconsiderable expertise of the author to identify all of them. This approach might have been rather more justifiable if the report contained a little more general discussion of the implications of the material,, such as quantitative comparisons of amphoras present in similar conurbations of the Roman period, which could have been used to show the relative importance of the amphorae to the sites where they were found.

364 Going, C J, The Mansio and other sites in the south-eastern sector of Caesaromagus: the Roman Pottery, Chelmsford Archaeological Trust Report 3.2, CBA Research Report 62, 1987.
Location: Chelmsford & Essex Museum

366 Leech, R, 'The pottery', in 'The Excavation of a Romano-Celtic Temple and a Later Cemetery on Lamyatt Beacon, Somerset', Britannia XVII, (259- 328), 284-293.
exc/rel,cem/mainly 3rd-4th/usf
tsg/bbl/occ/gry/nfr/oxr/oxm/rhn/shg/ 'storage jar' /flg
While the total amount of pottery is not large, it has interesting proportions of fine wares which undoubtedly reflect the curious nature of the site.

+367 Monaghan, I, 'Modelling Variations in Ceramic Fabric Descriptions: Some Theoretical Considerations Based on a Roman Example', Bull. Inst. Arch. 22, 1985, 119-123.

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