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In future the bibliography will not be printed in JRPS, but will be an exclusively on-line resource. New contributions are listed below

Joanna Bird June 2008
1463 BIRLEY, R. Stamps on samian and mortaria [preliminary lists only]. In: A. Birley/J. Blake, Vindolanda excavations 2005-2006 (Hexham 2007), 147-149.

1464  MARLIèRE, E. Nouveaux timbres amphoriques à Vindolanda (campagnes 2005 et 2006). In: A. Birley and J. Blake, Vindolanda excavations 2005-2006 (Hexham 2007), 144-146.

Joanna Bird July 2008
1635  SWAN, V.G. Builders, suppliers and supplies in the Tyne-Solway region and beyond. In: P. T. Bidwell (ed.), Understanding Hadrian's Wall: papers from a conference held at South Shields, November 3rd - 5th 2006. Arbeia Journal 9, 2008, 1-35.

Joanna Bird July 2009
1877 G. SIMPSON, Samian pottery. In: B. Heywood/D. J. Breeze, Excavations at vallum causeways on Hadrian's Wall in the 1950s. Archaeologia Aeliana 5 series 37, 2008, (122) 93-126.

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