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84 Wild, F, Report on the Samian Ware from the Cat's Water Subsite, in Pryor, F, Excavation at Fengate, Peterborough, cf. Pryor, F, 1984. 

Wild, J P, Report on a Group of Roman-British Pottery from the Vicarage Road Subsite, in Pryor, F, Excavation at Fengate, Peterborough Pryor, F, 1984.
Smallgroup with range of wares typical of the third quarter of the 1st, locally.

.Windell, D, 'Irchester Roman Town: Excavations 1981-1982', Northamptonshire Arch:  19, 1983, 31-51. Includes 'Other Pottery,' by P Aird, 41-46 & Figs. 11&12 nos. 1&47; & 'Samian,' by H Pengelly, 41 & Fig l0a & b. See individual report entries for contents.

Woodfield, C, 'The Remainder of the Roman Pottery', in Brown, A E Woodfield, C, 'Excavations at Towcester', cf. Brown, A E I Woodfield, C, 1983.
exc/wlt/ 1st-4th/ggp ,seq, typ
exc/ici /rgh/lrh/ccc/rhn/osc/nvc/nvg/bb I /trt/;hg/oxp/gro
Figure 18 is a diagram to show the range of main pottery forms current during the site's history. Fabric list complement; that in 1982 Grammar School site. Pottery considered under categories thus: Traded Fine wares, Table wares, etc. Catalogue by phase,. and fabric. List of all Towcester fabric type-series on microfiche.

>J.R.P.S.>  Volume  4, 1991 pages 95-96
J R Perrin
770 Jackson, D & Dix, B, 'Late Iron Age and Romano-British Settlement at Weekley, Northamptonshire', Northamptonshire Archaeol, 21, 1986/7, 1-90.
exc,syn/rrs,ptp/kln/2nd BC-2nd AD 
This is a very important site, both locally and regionally. Unfortunately the indiscriminate and disorganised use of microfiche makes the report difficult to use and almost prevents the realisation of its full potential, as well as the presentation here of full details. The published section could also have been better arranged. The report covers the excavations of 1970-71 and 1975-78.
   The pottery report contains contributions from H Pengelly, B Dickinson, P Aird, P Foster, D F Williams and R Rattray, although some of these appear in microfiche only. The excavations uncovered some Iron Age bonfire kilns and 14 Romano-British kilns of mid-late 1st century date. These were apparently used to fire storage jars, channel-rim jars and carinated and corrugated vessels, including Gallo-Belgic types. 11 of these pots are illustrated, but their descriptions are on microfiche! There is an Appendix (!) on the 'Ceramic Succession', largely the work of P Aird and P Foster. Three phases are defined, 1) late Iron Age; 2) early-mid 1st century (from the conquest to the last quarter of the 1st); and 3) later lst-2nd. The pottery fabrics, forms and decorations are considered for each phase and over 150 vessels are illustrated. There is an additional section on the La Tène style decorated pottery (366 sherds) with a distribution map showing
    the occurrence of the main decorative types. Other aspects of this pottery are also presented on microfiche, as are many other relevant sections which should have been 'volume' published. The microfiche details are as follows:
MF52: 'The pottery kilns'; MF58: Descriptions of layers noted in illustrated kiln sections; MF59: Illustrations of kiln bars; MF6O: 'The fire bars - discussion', by R Rattray; MF63: 'The kiln pottery - fabrics, forms and technique', by R Rattray; MF7O: Descriptive catalogue of the kiln pottery; MF72-120: Finds descriptions; MF126: 'Petrological analysis of the Iron Age pottery', by D F Williams; MF129: 'La Tène style decorated pottery in Northants'; MF131: 'Schedule of La Tune style decorative motifs'; MF134: Unpublished drawings of La Tène style pottery; MF135: 'Ceramic Phases 2-3: fabric groups and forms', by P Aird, with notes by D Jackson; MF141: 'Early Ceramic Phase 2 pottery types', MF143: 'Samian Ware', by H Pengelly, with stamp information by B Dickinson.
Location: Northamptonshire Archaeological Archive (Northants County Council Archaeology Unit)

771 MacRobert, E, 'pottery' in Taylor, S & Dix, B, 'An Iron Age and Roman Settlement at Ashley, Northants', Northamptonshire Archaeol, 20, 1985, (87-111), 92-4 & 100-110. 
exc/rrs/late 1st-late 3rd/seq
This report covers pottery from the excavations in 1963, 1966 and 1970, and includes comments cci the mortaria by K F Hartley, on the samian by H Pengelly, and on an amphora handle by D F Williams. There are 92 illustrations including Iron Age pottery and samian. The discussion deals with the chronology and development of the pottery, and it is very useful.
Location: Northamptonshire Archaeological Archive (Northants County Council Archaeology Unit)

772 MacRobert, E, 'Ceramic evidence', in Dix, B, 'The Roman Settlement at Kettering, Northants: Excavations at Kipling Road, 1968 and 1971', Northamptonshire Archaeol, 21, 1986-7, (95-108),102-105.
exc/rrs,twn,ind/later 1st-early 4th/ggp
Two ceramic groups serve to illustrate the principal periods of quarrying activity at the site. These also show the nature of some of the pottery in use in Roman Kettering during the later 1st century to the early 2nd, and in the 3rd and early 4th centuries. 38 vessels are illustrated.
Location: Northamptonshire Archaeological Archive (Northants County Council Archaeology Unit)

In future the bibliography will not be printed in JRPS, but will be an exclusively on-line resource. New contributions are listed below
Joanna Bird June 2008
1458  B, DICKINSON, Selected samian sherds. In: A. Maull/P. Masters, A Roman farmstead and Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Glapthorn Road, Oundle. Northamptonshire Archaeology 33, 2005, (61) 47-78.

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