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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2, 1989 pages 122-23
North Wales: Clwyd
Peter Carrington
346 Greene, K T, 'Legionary pottery and the significance of Holt', in Dore, J & Greene, K T, Roman Pottery Studies in Britain and Beyond, BAR. International Series 30, 1977, 113-132.
syn/kln/c 100/typ
Emphasizes E. Mediterranean origin of 'legionary' fine ware forms.
Location: Holt pottery published by Grimes now in National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

Grimes, W F, Holt, Denbighshire: the works-depot of the Twentieth Legion at Castle Lyons, Y Cymmrodor 41, 1930, x, & 235.
exc/kln/late 1st-?4th/usf/tsgl7ars/bbl/gry/mhm/mro rhn/rgh/rst/vrm/hox/hcc/hmd/hgz/hwe/hom
Still a fundamental work for the study of military pottery, but the collection would benefit from re-study and re-publication to modern standards. Pottery production probably Trajanic -?Hadrianic. All typologically later vessels probably imported to site. Tile manufacture possibly continued into mid 3rd C. Date of abandonment of site uncertain. For partial reassessments see entry nos. 346 & 164 (V Swan) passim.
Location: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff; material collected during 1960's & 1970's in course of fieldwalking by the late Mr G Bevan of Wrexham now in Grosvenor Museum, Chester North Wales: Gwynedd
Peter Carrington
348 Casey, P. 'The coarse pottery', in 'Excavations outside the North-east gate of Segontium, 1971', Arch. Cambrensis Vol 123, 1974, (54-77), 67-69.
exc/mil/late 1st-late 4th/ggp 

Dancer, A M, 'Roman site: Brithdir (SH 77251881)', in 'Recent archaeological finds in the Dolgellau area', Merioneth Hist. & Record Soc. Vol 5, 1965-68, (356-362), 359-362.
sir/mi/late 1st-early 2nd; late 2nd/usf 
Only a selection of the pottery published in detail.

Greene, K T, 'The samian pottery', in entry no. 348, 62-67. exc/mil/60-200

Jarrett, M G, 'Pottery', in Hogg, A H A, 'Cefn Graeanog: a native site of the Roman period', Trans. Caernarvonshire Hist. Soc. Vol 29, 1968, (8-20), 16-17.
exc/rur/mid2nd-?4th tsg/bbl/gry/ogr

Some general publications)
Peter Carrington
354 Arthur, P. 'The lead glazed wares of Roman Britain', in Arthur, P & Marsh, G, eds., Early Fine Wares in Roman Britain, BAR. British Series 57, 1978, 293-356.
Examples at Whitchurch and Chester of the 'South-East English' group (pp 298-308) and discussion of Holt products (pp 334-338).
    355 Bulmer, M, 'An introduction to Roman samian ware with special reference to collections in Chester and the North-West', Journal of the Chester Arch. Soc. Vol 62, 5-72, 1979.
A detailed beginner's guide, illustrated entirely by Chester finds.

Carrington, P. 'Current research in Romano-British coarse pottery', Cheshire Arch. Bull. Vol 4, 1976, 40. syn/mil,mjc/--tsg/bbl/hox
Preliminary survey of research potential of Chester pottery, especially that from Northgate Brewery 1974/5 excavations.

Marsh, G, 'Early second century fine wares in the London area', in Arthur, P & Marsh, G, eds., Early Fine Wares in Roman Britain, B.A.R. British Series 57, 1978, 119-224.
Scope much wider than indicated by title: draws many parallels with the products of 'legionaiy' potteries, including Holt

Marsh, G, 'London's samian supply and its relationship to the development of the Gallic samian industry', in Anderson, A C
& A S, eds., Roman Pottery Research in Britain and North-West Europe, BAR. International Series 123, 1981, i, 173-238.
Scope much wider than indicated by title: reviews samian supply, inter alia, to Chester (190-205 passim).

Simpson, G, 'Caerleon and the Roman forts in Wales in the Second Century AD: Part I - Caerleon and Northern Wales', Arch. Cambrensis Vol 111, 1962, 103-166.
Reassesses the chronology of Caernarvon, Caerleon, Bryn y Gefeiliau, Tomen y Mur, Caer Gal, Caersws and Forden Gaer on coin &: pottery evidence. Some pottery is published here in detail for the first time.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 pages 107
R P Symonds
546 Manley, J & Grenter, S. 'An Amphora from Rhos-on-Sea, Clwyd', Britannia XVIII, 1987, 284-285.
csf/unk/late 1st BC-mid 2nd
amp (Dressel 2-4)
An amphora found "prominently displayed in a rockery since 1977 by the present owners of (a) ...bungalow, who were unaware of its antiquity". Possibly originally deposited as a cremation burial or as a container for a hoard: probably post-conquest. Report by Clwyd- Powys Arch. Trust (JM).
Location: private possession

547 Roberts, A F, with a contribution by M (Bulmer) Ward ('The Samian'), 'The Roman Pottery', in McNeil, R & Roberts, A F, 'A Plank Tank from Nantwich', Britannia XVIII, 1987, (287-295), 288-291.
Found in deposits immediately above a plank-built cess-pit, the pottery consists of 43 sherds, of which 14, including two of Central Gaulish Dr. 37's, are illustrated.
Location: not given

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