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1658  Caim, Penmon (SH 623 809)
Thirty-nine sherds late Roman pottery including two wares and at least four vessels. One trench produced 32 body sherds and a rim from late shell-tempered ware jar. Another trench produced 6 sherds Dorset BB1. (Full report with GAT)
CBA: Wales Vol 37, 1997

1659  Hywel Owen, J, 1961, Chance finds, Trans Denbighshire Hist Soc 10, 250
Date range: 1C
Cave at Pen-y-Graig, Cefnmeiriadog yielded a black ulla cooking pot

1660  O'Leary, T J, 1975-1976, Summary of the Roman sequence, in O'Leary, T J & Davey, P J, Excavations at Pentre Farm, Flint, 1976, Flintshire Hist Soc Publ 27, 146-151
Date range: late 1st early 3rd C
exc, mil/ind
For full report see Pentre Farm, Flint 1976-81. An official building in the Roman lead mining district by T J O'Leary with K Blockley & C Musson. BAR Brit ser 207, 1989. (Bibliog entry no 1367)

Torino, Brynhyfryd Park, Ruthin (SJ 1304 5821)
Narrow ditch, possibly military in origin single sherd of Roman pottery, probably Cheshire Plain.
Info supplied by David Thomas, Clwyd-Powys Arch Trust
CBA: Wales Vol 35, 1995, 52-3

Brewer, R, 1978, Pennal, Archaeology in Wales CBA Group 2 18, 51
Date range: pre-Flavian
csf, unk, usf
Two vessels with relief decoration found 75m south of Roman fort.
On loan to National Museum of Wales

1663  Crew, P, 1990, Dolgain, Trawsfynydd, Archaeology in Wales 30, 56-57
exc/flw/oth (geophysical and archaeomag), kln, usf
Tile kiln. Products include variety of bricks and flat tile, box tiles and roof tiles. Suggested they were used at Roman fort at Tomen y Mur 7km to the north, and perhaps also at Brithdir fortlet (or its predecessor), 17 km to the south.

1664  Daniels, C M, Jones, G D B &: putnam, W G, 1969-70, Excavations at Caersws 1968, Montgomeryshire Collect 61, 37-42
Date range: 1-3C
exc, mil/twn, usf

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