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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2, 1989 pages 120
Peter Carrington
308 Darling, M I, 'Pottery from early military sites in western Britain', in Dore, J & Greene, K T, eds., Roman Pottery Studies in Britain and Beyond, BAR. International Series 30, 1977, 57-100.
syn/mil/Neronian/typ grc/grf/osc/osf
Illustration and discussion, passim of military wares from Wroxeter fortress.

Hartley, B R, 'Samian ware found in 1960', in entry no. 314. exc/mil/late 1st-early 3rd

Hartley, K F, 'Mortaria', in entry no. 314. 
exc/mil/late 1st-mid 2nd/usf 
Stamps of DOCILIS I

Houghton, A W J, 'A Roman tilery and brickfield at Ismore Coppice, Wroxeter', Trans. Shropshire Arch. Soc. Vol 57, 1961-64, 7-12.
Production was of tiles: pottery was used, but not made, at the site,

Houghton, A W J, 'A Roman pottery factory near Wroxeter,
Salop', Trans. Shropshire Arch. Soc. Vol 57, 1961-64, 101-111.
exc/ptp/ '4th'/typ cts/mvs/ets/bbl/occ/mhm/nvc/osd/svv/wht Colour-coated ware supposedly made at kiln needs re-examining.

Houghton, A W J, 'A water cistern at Viroconium (Wroxeter)',
Trans. Shropshire Arch. Soc. Vol 58, 1965-68, 19-26.
~/w1t/1ate 3rd.early 4thMsf amp/cts/gry/mca/nvc/osd/rhn/svv

Walker, I, 'Coarse pottery', in 'Excavation at the Roman fort at Walltown farm, Shropshire, 1960-1961', Trans. Shropshire Arch. Soc. Vol 58, (8-18), 16.

Webster, G & Daniels, C, 'A street section at Wroxeter in 1962', Trans. Shropshire Arch. Soc. Vol 59, 1969-74, 15-23.
exc/wlt/late 1st-?mid 3rd/ggp sts/cts/bbl/gry/mhm/mca/mro/osd/svv/wht/mlv
Location: ?Site museum

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2, 1989 pages 122
Peter Carrington
354 Arthur, P. 'The lead glazed wares of Roman Britain', in Arthur,
P & Marsh, G, eds., Early Fine Wares in Roman Britain, BAR.
British Series 57, 1978, 293-356.
Examples at Whitchurch and Chester of the 'South-East English' group (pp 298-308) and discussion of Holt products (pp 334-338).
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 pages 135

In future the bibliography will not be printed in JRPS, but will be an exclusively on-line resource. New contributions are listed below
Gill Dunn May 2008
1513  Barker, P, White, R, Pretty, K, Bird, H and Corbishley, M, 1997, The Baths Basilica Wroxeter. Excavation 1966-90. English Heritage Archaeological Report 8, 269-318
Roman pottery by R Symonds 269-318
Petrology of selected samples of Severn Valley ware from Wroxeter by R Tomber 278-9
Samian ware by F Wild 310-11
Pottery distribution by R White 312-18

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The Roman pottery by J Timby (ed) 193-313:
Introduction by J Evans 193-5
Form series, by J Evans 195-246
Fabric descriptions by J Evans 246-57
The military pottery by J Timby (based on report by M Darling) 257-8
The Period 1 pottery, by M Darling (with contributions by D Williams & K Hartley) 258-63
The Period 2 pottery by J Faiers (with contribution by D Williams) 263-73
The Period 3 pottery by J Evans & J Timby (with contributions by B Dickinson, G Simpson and G Webster) 273-82
The samian by B Dickinson & G Dannell 282-305
Overview of the pottery by J Timby 305-13

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The Roman pottery from Wroxeter's hinterland by C J Evans 146-168
Samian pottery by S Willis 168-181
Report on building materials from the Wroxeter hinterland project by R White with N Cassidy, R Ixer, E Macey-Bracken and M Wright 203-220

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