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1516  Webster, G, Chadderton, J (ed), 2002, The legionary fortress at Wroxeter. Excavations by Graham Webster, 1955-85. English Heritage Report 19, 137-223
Pottery by M J Darling 137-223:
Catalogue of South Gaulish samian stamps by B Dickenson 149-155
Overview of the samian by G B Dannell 155-156
Catalogue of the South Gaulish samian by G B Dannell 168-177

1517 Barker, P A, Haldon, R, and Jenks, W, 1991, Excavations on Sharpstones Hill near Shrewsbury, 1965-71, Trans Shrops Archaeol & Hist Soc 62, 15-57
Date range: 2C
exc, usf
Five areas excavated first prehistoric lowland sites to be located and explored in Shropshire. Roman pottery from sites A, C, D & E.
Pottery report by E Morris

1518  Ellis, P, Evans, J, Hannaford, H, Hughes, G and Jones, A, 1994, Excavations in the Wroxeter Hinterland 1988-1990 The archaeology of the A5/A49 Shrewsbury Bypass, Shrops Hist and Archaeol Trans of the Shrops Archaeol and Hist Soc 69, 1-119
The Roman pottery by J Evans 76-91
Samian stamps by B Dickenson 85-87
Mortaria stamps by K Hartley 82
Amphorae by D Williams 84-85
Brick and tile by L Bevan 92

1519  Ellis, P and White, R (eds), 2006, Wroxeter Archaeology. Excavation and research on the defences and in the town, 1968-1992, Shrops Archaeol and Hist Soc Trans 78 (for 2003)
Eastern defences 1975 and 1976
Coarsewares by J Timby 40-44
Samian B Dickenson 44-50
The forum pipe trench 1977
The coarse wares by J Timby (based on an archive report by Sara Lunt) 101-108
The samian ware by F Wild 109-111
The mortaria by K Hartley 111-113
Roman pottery by S Pierpoint 123 (Insula II 1981)
A mortarium kiln near the Bell Brook by J Faiers 149-152

1516 Evans, C J, Jenks, W E, and White, R H, 1999, Romano-British kilns at Meole Brace (Pulley), Shropshire, Shrops Hist and Archaeol Trans of the Shrops Archaeol and Hist Soc 74, 7-15

1517  Houghton, A W J, 1960, The Roman road and other Roman remains at Whitchurch, Shropshire, Trans Shrops Archaeol Soc 67, 228-232
Date range: 1-4C
slr, rdd, usf
Samian by B Hartley
Mortaria by K Hartley
    1518  Houghton, A W J, 1962-63 (April 1964), A Roman pottery factory near Wroxeter, Salop, Trans Shrops Archaeol Soc 57, 101-111
Date range: 2-4C
exc, ptp, usf
Mortaria by K Hartley
Samian by B Hartley
Period of greatest activity from mid 4th cent onwards. No kiln was found wasters; 2 small hearths, 2 small rubbish pits assumed structures were remains of pottery factory river destroyed the kilns and ?area of workshop. Wares manufactured on large scale were wide-mouthed bowls and narrow-mouthed jars in a reddish buff fabric. Some were decorated when leather hard with lines and bands of burnishing, others with red colour wash, and many were plain.

1519  Hume., C R, & Jones, G W, 1957-60, Excavations in Nesscliff Hill, Trans Shrops Archaeol Soc 56, Part II 129-132
Date range: late 2-4C
exc, unk, usf

1520  Morris, E, 1991, The Romano-British pottery, in Morris, E and Gelling, P, A note on the Berth, Trans Shrops Archaeol Hist Soc 67, 62
exc, hillfort, usf

1521  Toms. G S G, 1973-74, Archaeological discoveries on the east Shropshire border, Trans Shrops Archaeol Soc 59, Part III 209-213
Date range: 2C +
flw, unk, usf

1522  Webster, G, 1957-60, A note on the Roman coin hoard found at Hordley Grange Trans Shrops Archaeol Soc 56, Part II 138-139
Date range: 3C
csf, usf
Small bb tankard with bead rim and decorated with a narrow zone of obtuse-angled latticing. Coin hoard dated to c ad280

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