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1580 Lyne, M. 1995 'The Hassocks cemetery', Sussex Archaeol Collect 132, 53-85
A bringing together of all of the surviving artefacts and records relating to various unpublished and inadequately published excavations in and around the Hassocks Roman cemetery between the Late 19th c. and c.1970. Eleven grave groups and 118 other pottery illustrations give a good picture of what was being supplied to the small town at Hassocks between the 1stt and 4th centuries. The decorated samian is identified by Joanna Bird. Finds split between Barbican House, Lewes, Brighton Museum and Marlipins, Shoreham

1581 Lyne, M. 1996 'The Pottery', in Aldsworth,F., Rudling,D., 'Excavations at Bignor Roman Villa, West Sussex 1985-90', Sussex Archaeol Collect 133, 160-169

1582 Lyne, M. 1999 'The 'Atrebatic Overlap' Pottery of West Sussex: Iron Age or Roman?', in Tuffreau-Libre, M.(Ed.), Proceedings of the Colloque de Ceramologie, Arras 1996.

1583 Lyne, M. 2000 'The Pottery', in Sawyer,J., 'The excavation of a Romano-British site at Burgess Hill, West Sussex', Sussex Archaeol Collect 137, 49-58
The pottery from this site includes a very large ditch fill assemblage of Late 4th-to-Early 5th c. date, which, apart from including large numbers of sherds from both closed and open forms in Overwey/Portchester D fabric, also has the lower part of an Early Saxon cooking-pot. This site is very important for the understanding of the transition from Late Roman to Early Saxon East Sussex.

1584 Lyne, M. 2003 'The Roman Pottery', in Rudling, D. 'Chanctonbury Ring revisited', Sussex Archaeol Collect 139, 100-2
The published report is a shortened version of the one that was written, with the pot drawings omitted. The full report was consigned to ADS web site.

1585 Lyne, M. 2003 'The pottery supply to Roman Sussex', in Rudling, D. (Ed.), The Archaeology of Sussex to AD2000, 141-150
This updates Lyne's views on the changing patterns of Roman pottery supply to Sussex discussed in Lyne 1994 and expands them to include the Early Roman period.

1586 Lyne, M. 2003 'Pottery sequence (Phases 2 to 4)', in Lovell, J., 'An early Roman pottery production site at Horticultural Research International, Littlehampton', Sussex Archaeol Collect 140, 34
This report, together with Laidlaw 2003, is of considerable importance in indicating that there were Late 1stt-to-Early 2nd century kilns on the Sussex coastal plain producing coarsewares in the Hardham and Wiggonholt tradition. This has led to my renaming the Hardham industry Arun Valley. Finds in Littlehampton museum.

1587 Lyne, M. 2005 'Pottery (Fine and Coarse Wares)', in Manley, J., Rudkin, D., Facing the Palace, Sussex Archaeol Collect 141, 105-107.
Summary only: full report with drawings on
    1588 Lyne, M.2005 'The Pottery', in Saunders, J., 'A Roman field boundary at 'Greenfields', Middleton-on-Sea, West Sussex', Sussex Archaeol Collect 142, 135-137

1589 Lyne, M.2006 'The fine and coarse wares', in Manley, J., Rudkin, D., 'More buildings facing the Palace at Fishbourne', Sussex Archaeol Collect 144, 87-88.
Summary only: full report with drawings on

1590 Mepham, L.N., Dickinson, B. 1997 'Pottery', in Fitzpatrick, A.P., Archaeological Excavations on the Route of the A27 Westhampnett Bypass, West Sussex, 1992, Vol 2: the Late Iron Age, Romano-British, and Anglo-Saxon cemeteries, Wessex Archaeology Report No.12, 257-263.
The pottery report includes descriptions of 114 complete and partial vessels from 36 graves within the Romano-British cemetery; all of which are illustrated.

1591 Middleton, H.R., Rudling, D., 1996 'The Pottery', in Bedwin, O., Place, C., 'Late Iron Age and Romano-British occupation at Ounces Barn, Boxgrove, West Sussex; excavations 1982-83', Sussex Archaeol Collect 133, 65-89
This report is a very important contribution to our understanding of pottery supply to a rural site in the tribal territory, and later civitas, of the Regnenses during the 'Overlap' period between c.0 and AD.70, with 261 pottery illustrations almost entirely relating to this period.

1592 Pieksma, E.J. 1989 'Potters' Stamps on Amphorae from Chichester', in Down, A., Chichester Excavations 6, 125-126.

1593 Rigby, V. 1989 'The Roman Imported Fine Wares', Ibidem, 109-124.

1594 Rigby, V. 1993 'The Roman imported and local fine and specialist wares from the sites', in Down, A., Magilton, J., Chichester Excavations 8, 155-165

1595 Rigby, V. 1996 'Oxidised Cream and Orange Wares (From the 1969 excavations)', in Cunliffe, B., Down, A., Rudkin, D., Excavations at Fishbourne 1969-1988, Chichester Excavations 9, 95

1596 Rigby, V. 1996 'Early imported, traded and locally produced fine and specialist wares (From the A27 excavations)', Ibidem, 117-136.

1597 Rigby, V. 1996 'Fine wares (From 80 Fishbourne Road', Ibidem, 223

1598 Rudkin, D. 1996 'Pottery (From 80 Fishbourne Road)', Ibidem, 222

1599 Rudling, D.R. 1990 'Archaeological finds at Rustington, West Sussex, 1986-88', Sussex Archaeol Collect 128, 1-19.
Includes Roman pottery report with 48 pot drawings. Most of the material is Late 1st c. in date and is largely made up of Arun Valley industry products from the Horticultural Research International site kilns only a short distance to the west.

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