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1600 Rudling, D. 1992 'The Roman Pottery', in Cartwright,C., 'The Excavation of a Romano-British Iron working site at Broadfield, Crawley, West Sussex', Sussex Archaeol Collect 130, 22-59.
This report is a salvage job undertaken some time after the excavator died and had to cope with missing archive and loss of context attributions for much of the pottery. Nevertheless, the author has made the best of a bad job in a report which has 84 useful pottery illustrations and gives some idea of the nature of pottery supply to the site. Surviving finds in Crawley museum.

1601 Seager Smith, R. 2007 'Pottery: Romano-British', in Seager Smith,R., Cooke,N., Gale, R., Knight, S., McKinley, J.I., Stevens, C., 'Archaeological investigations on the site of the former Rowe's Garage, Chichester, West Sussex', Sussex Archaeol Collect 145, 74-76.
A short report with a lot of concise information but unfortunately no pottery illustrations.

1602 Williams, D.F. 1989 'The Amphorae from the Sites', in Down, A., Chichester Excavations6, 127-131.

1603 Williams, D. 1993 'The amphorae from the sites', in Down, A., Magilton, J., Chichester Excavations 8, 166-170

1604 Williams, D. 1996 'Amphorae (From the 1969 excavations)', in Cunliffe, B., Down, A., Rudkin, D., Excavations at Fishbourne 1969-1988, Chichester Excavations 9, 96-97

1605 Williams, D. 1996 'Amphorae (From the A27 excavations)', Ibidem,137-142

1606 Williams, D. 1996 'Amphorae (From 80 Fishbourne Road)', Ibidem,222-223

1607 Williams, D.1996 'Discussion of the Amphorae', in Bedwin, O., Place, C., 'Late Iron Age and Romano-British occupation at Ounces Barn, Boxgrove, West Sussex; excavations 1982-83', Sussex Archaeol Collect 133, p.89-90

1608 Williams, D. 2005 'Amphorae', in Manley, J., Rudkin, D., Facing the Palace, Sussex Archaeol Collect 141, 107-109

1609 Williams, D. 2006 'The Amphorae', in Manley, J., Rudkin, D., 'More buildings facing the Palace at Fishbourne', Sussex Archaeol Collect 144, 88-89.

1610 Young, C.J. 1989 'A Catalogue of the Mid-Late Roman Colour-coated Wares from the Sites', in Down, A., Chichester Excavations 6, 160-161.

National Publications
Bradley, R. 1992 'Pottery', in Bradley, R., 'Roman Salt Production in Chichester Harbour: Rescue Excavations at Chidham, West Sussex', Britannia 23, 39-40.
A small pottery assemblage, including what appears to be 'Atrebatic Overlap' and later 1st c. material. Finds in Chichester Museum
    1612 Lyne, M.2005 'The pottery from the fills of the early ditch at Fishbourne', in Manley,J., Rudkin,D., 'A Pre-AD 43 Ditch at Fishbourne Roman Palace, Chichester', Britannia 36, 64-75.
A most important Augustan pottery assemblage from a short-lived emporium with evidence for the presence of Roman soldiers 50 years before the Claudian invasion. Arretine identifications by Geoff Dannell.

1613 Williams, D.2005 'Amphorae', in Manley, J., Rudkin, D., 'A Pre-A.D.43 Ditch at Fishbourne Roman Palace, Chichester', Britannia 36, 75-76

1614 Lyne, M. 1994 Late Roman Handmade Wares in South-East Britain, Unpubl PhD thesis, University of Reading.
Although this thesis covers a much larger area than Sussex, it identifies and discusses various variants of Late Roman East Sussex Ware with dated corpora of forms and describes changes in pottery supply within Sussex between c.AD.200 and 400+

Foreign Publications
1615 Lyne, M. 1999 'The 'Atrebatic Overlap' Pottery of West Sussex: Iron Age or Roman?', in Tuffreau-Libre, M.(Ed.), Proceedings of the Colloque de Ceramologie, Arras 1996.

Joanna Bird July 2009
1886 G. P. JONES, Prehistoric and Romano-British pottery. In: D. Godden, Romano-British and medieval occupation at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester. Sussex Archaeological Collections 146, 2008, (82-84) 75-94.

1887 M. LYNE, The Roman pottery assemblage from Hills Place, Horsham, West Sussex. Sussex Archaeological Collections 146, 2008, 203-206.

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