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In future the bibliography will not be printed in JRPS, but will be an exclusively on-line resource. New contributions are listed below

  Bestwick, J D, 1965, Excavations at Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, City Stoke-on-Trent Mus Archaeol Soc 1, 1-9
Samian 3 & 7
Coarse ware 3-8
Mortaria 6
Amphorae 7

1524  Bestwick, J D, 1976, The Romano-British coarse pottery from Wetton Mill rock shelter, in Kelly, J H, The excavation of Wetton Mill rock shelter, Manifold Valley, Staffordshire, City of Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeol Soc rep no 9, 60
Also Nene Valley ware

1525  Bestwick, P, 1995, The pottery, in Cleverdon, F, Survey and excavations in the Manifold Valley, Staffordshire Archaeol Stud 5, City Museum and Art gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, 7-8

1526  Booth, P, 2008, Pottery, in Cramp, K and Brown, R, Excavations on the A5 Weeford to Fazeley Road improvement scheme, Staffordshire, Staffs Archaeol and Hist Soc Trans 42, 16-25

1527  Esmonde Cleary, A S, and Ferris, I M, 1996, Excavations at the new cemetery, Rocester, Staffordshire 1985-1987, Trans Stafforshire Archaeol Hist Soc 1993-1994 35
Samian ware by B Dickenson 73-87 & 90-95
Samian stamps by B Hartley 87-90
Roman coarse pottery by R Leary 40-59
A petrological note on Roman pottery by D F Williams 60-61
The mortaria by R Ferguson 61-63
Mortaria stampd by K Hartley 64-70
The amphorae by D F Williams 70-72

1528  Jones, A, 1998, Excavations at Wall (Staffordshire) by E Greenfield in 1962 and 1964 (Wall excavation report no 15), Trans Staffordshire Archaeol Hist Soc for 1995-96 37, 1-57
Coarse pottery by R Leary 26-37
Mortaria by J Evans 37-39
Samian by B Dickenson 39-42
Note: the pottery clearly related closely to that produced at contemporary military potteries at Mancetter, Derby and probably Rocester.

1529  Jones, A, 1999, Greensforge: investigations in the Romano-British civilian settlement, 1994, Trans Staffordshire Archaeol Hist Soc 1996-97 38, 12-31
Samian ware by S Willis 19
Coarse wares and mortaria by J Evans 19-25
Rogers, I R, and Garner, D J, 2007, Wilderspool and Holditch Roman boom-towns on the 'road north', Gifford Archaeol Mono ser no 2,BAR British Series 449
1994 Gifford excavations
The pottery and tile by G Lucas (samian and coarsewares) 114-117
The 1997-98 Gifford excavation
The decorated samian ware by M Ward 125-128
The coarsewares by D Garner 128-131
    1530  Round, A A, 1992 (for 1990-1991), Excavations on the mansio site at Wall (Letocetum), Staffordshire, 1972-78 (Wall Excavation Report no 14), Trans S Staffordshire Archaeol Hist Soc 32, 1-78
Samian by B Hartley 21-28
Fine wares by A Around 28-32
Mortaria by K F Hartley 30 & 34-36
Coarse pottery by A A Round 53-70
Tiles by A A Round 71-72
mjc, ggp/seq

Hodder, M A, 1991 (for 1989-1990), Other prehistoric and Roman material, in Hodder, M A, Excavations at Sandwell Priory and Hall 1982-88, Trans S Staffordshire Archaeol Hist Soc 31, 22-24
exc, ?rel, usf
Recovered from pre-priory deposits which could indicate Roman cultivation. Quantity is insufficient to suggest settlement on the site but may have been deposited as a result of manuring cultivated land with domestic debris. The presence of arable land in the Roman period implies the existence of a contemporary settlement in the vicinity but none is yet known.

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