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152 Webster, P V, 'The coarse pottery', in Davies, J L, Excavations at Trawcoed Roman Fort, Dyfed', Bull of the Board of Celtic Studies,  XXXI, 1984, (259-292), 288-292.
Location: J L Davies, Dept. of History, University College, Aberystwyth

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2, 1989 pages 122-23
South Wales: Glamorgan
Peter Webster
359 Simpson, G, 'Caerleon and the Roman forts in Wales in the Second Century AD: Part I - Caerleon and Northern Wales', Arch. Cambrensis Vol 111, 1962, 103-166.
Reassesses the chronology of Caernarvon, Caerleon, Bryn y Gefeiliau, Tomen y Mur, Caer Gal, Caersws and Forden Gaer  on coin &: pottery evidence. Some pottery is published here in detail for the first time.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2, 1989 page 124
Foreign publications
R P Symonds,
377 Greene, K T, 'Pots, People, and Probability: A spatial analysis
of pottery in the Neronian legionary fortress at Usk, Gwent', Rei
Cretariae Romanae Fautores, Acta
XXIII/XXIV, 1984, 117-122.
A short paper on the merits of computerisation for processing
large quantities of pottery.

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3, 1990 pages 107-08
Peter Webster
548 Allen, J L R & Fulford, M G, 'The Wentlooge Level: A Romano- British Saltmarsh Reclamation in Southeast Wales', Britannia XVII, 1986, (91-1 17), 102-105.
Location: National Museum of Wales

549 Boon, G C, Laterarium Iscanum: The Antefixes, Brick and Tile Stamps of the Second Augustan Legion, National Museum of Wales, 1984, 56.
A type series of antefixes and stamps with details of find spots including those away from the legionary base. 
Location: Legionary Museum, Caerleon (mainly)

550 Boon, G C, 'The samian ware', in Zienkiewicz, I D, The Legionary Fortress Baths at Caerleon: II. The Finds, Cardiff, 1986, 39-49. See also entry no. 551.
exc,syn/mil/1 st-2nd
Dating evidence for the important Fortress Baths Groups.
Location: Legionary Museum, Caerleon
    551 Greep, S J, 'The Coarse Pottery', in Zienkiewicz, I D, The Legionary Fortress Baths at Caerleon: II. The Finds, Cardiff, 1986, 50-96. See also entry no. 550.
red/oxp/lox/alh/crl/lnd/ppr/cnn/dur/D20 type amphora 'lids'
The most important pottery report to come from Caerleon in recent decades. The overall quantity of pottery is large while the method of excavation has enabled this to be divided into a series of stratified groups. Seven lamp fragments are described by Richard Brewer (p. 96).
Location: Legionary Museum, Caerleon

552Webster, P V, 'The pottery', in Burnham, B C & M B, 'Recent survey work on the fort and vicus at Pumpsaint', Carmarthenshire Antiquary XXII, 1986, (3-13), 7-12.
A small collection which includes an anomalous pit group with late 1st century samian and coarse pottery of the mid 2nd century. Further excavation may explain the divergence or perhaps all are the result of tidying up on demolition of the fort in c160. This is the only pottery so far published from the Pumpsaint (Dolaucothi) fort.
Location: Carmarthen Museum

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4, 1991 pages 98-99
Peter Webster
802 Allen, JR L & Fulford, M G, 'Romano-British Settlement and Industry on the Wetlands of the Severn Estuary', Antiq J, VoL 67, 1987, 237-289.
Finds from coastal fieldwork which give a useful cross-section of local ceramics.

803 Evans, D R & Metcalf, V M, 'Excavations at 10 Old Market Street, Usk', Britannia, Vol. 20, 1989, 23-68.
exc/twn/mid-late 1st
Most of the pottery from this excavation was lost in a fire at the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust Headquarters. That, published is not, therefore, a representative sample but a result of a (considerable) salvage operation. Thus we have a complete samian report but no illustrations, a small amount of coarse pottery and amphorae and a more complete sample of the mortaria.

804 Greep, 5, 'Romano-British Coarse Pottery', in Britnell, W, 'The Collfryn Hillslope Enclosure, Llansantffraid Deuddwr, Powys; Excavations 1980-1982', Proc Prehist Soc, Vol 55, 1989, (89- 134), 126 & microfiche 2.6.
exc/rrs/lst-41h sherds on a prehistoric & Roman site bbl/lox/mhm/svv

805 Webster, P V, 'The samian pottery', in entry no. 804, 126 &
microfiche 2.6.
exc/rrs/late lst-mid,late 2nd sherds on a prehistoric & Roman site
Plain ware only from a ceramically poor site.

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